As The Crow Flies.

Hello, followers! Long time no post, right? Well, for nearly a week anyway and that's a long gap for me. I've been so busy on top of the broken SD card/illness saga that I haven't really had time for outfit posts anyway, but here I am again! These shoes are the other pair I got from topshop, I couldn't remember if I mentioned them or not; these were reduced from £50, and are suede and carved wood. I love them, but they take some getting used to because of the 'rocking' bit at the front.
{dress: topshop £10, cardi: h&m £14.99, tights: topshop £1,
necklace: topshop £2, shoes: topshop £5, nail polish: 17 ruby dazzle}

WANT: Grey Day Chic

I apologise for the lack of posting recently, first of all my SD card broke (with photos on! boohoo) and then I was ill, and I doubt it would be interesting for you guys to see me in my butterfly PJs and Newport Hoodie, so yes outfit posts will resume soon, if not when I feel 100% at least when I feel 75% c: In the meantime, here's some cute garments I'm considering for the grey days ahead of us this winter (and the grey days right now too);
1. h&m dress, £9.99 | 2. dorothy perkins balloon jumper, £29 | 3. river island belt, £19.99 | 4. g21 leopard jeggings, £7
5. miss selfridge victorian boots, £80 | 6. new look fairisle backpack, £14.99 | 7. topshop knitted beanie, £14

New Shoes On.

Cute or what, right? and the heels are totally manageable (even for me) without making my feet look five miles long... I can picture these with grey tights and skater dresses for A/W, what would you put them with? ~ Topshop Sale, £5 ♥

A Rose by any Other Name.

Not up to much today, woke up at 8 and have spent this morning listening to the They Might Be Giants albums I've just downloaded (legally!), then at 11 I have a lecture in counselling theory, so quite a relaxed day. I'm not feeling at my best today, my tonsils were swollen when I woke up and though they seem to have gone down a bit I feel a bit rubbish anyway; maybe I'm getting fresher's flu? :c
{dress: peacocks, cardigan: new look, tights: h&m £12.99(for two), flats: peacocks, nail polish: 17 catwalk couture}

Black Lace, Grey Roses

I really adore this dress (thanks mum!) but I'm not entirely sure if it suits me... something about how the waist sits on me, the length of the skirt... I'm not sure, but It'll probably grow on me over time! Can you tell I'm liking yellow cardigans at the moment? Hehee c: today freshers is officially over, so I'm like every other student; I have two lectures to attend later on and an assignment to start, I feel sooo grown up!
{dress: g21@asda £14, cardi: h&m, tights: h&m £12.99 (for two), boots: asda £20}

Lime and Gold Leopard.

I love love love this cardigan, I've seen it around for ages but never had enough money to get it; but when we went into town on friday I nabbed it! It's soo comfy and cute, and the print is just to die for... ♥ my freshers week has been amazing but I'm kind of glad it's over, time to catch up on sleep and start working! I feel like I'm finally starting to settle into a bit of a routine and that's made me feel a lot more grounded and happy about being here. My lovely friends from home have been making me feel a lot better too, I'm going to do my best to stay in contact with them as often as possible. I got some new nail polishes in town too, this tawny gold is one of my favourites; it only really takes one coat to look perfect and it has a lovely texture and shine; I'm really not into matte nail polish so it's perfect for me. Also, this is my 400th blog post! If you'd told me a year ago I would come this far I wouldn't have believed you; it's pretty amazing.
{dress: h&m, cardi: h&m, £14.99, jeans: dorothy perkins, flats: new look, nail polish: 17 sphinx, 3 for £5}

Moss Green.

My dad visited today and brought this dress with him, that I ordered off of ASOS a little while ago. I'm not entirely sure yet, but I think I like it. It's really comfy and the neckline is nice and low without being too low. The material is lovely too. I've settled in really well at Uni so far, obviously it's still really scary and alien but I've been out most nights doing things with my flatmates, hence the lack of posting; sorry! When I'm into some sort of proper routine posts will be regular again.
{dress: asos, £6, tights: asda, boots: asda, £20}

Mustard and Ketchup

*yawn* I am so tired today. I think it's more an amalgamation of lots of nights with lack of sleep than anything else. So far I'm having a good time; I get along really well with two of my flatmates (and we never see the other two) and the night before last we went out to the SU Bar and had a great time. I had my first lectures yesterday and already have a lot to do though! I have a lecture on Counselling Theory today then I might be off into Newport with my flatmates for a bit of shopping... I apologise for the quality of these photos, the light is totally different to what I'm used to so I'm experimenting with it as I go.
{dress: new look, cardigan: h&m, tights: matalan, flats: new look, necklace: primark}


The halls block I am in is called Ebbw (pronounced ebb-ooh) and they are lovely! My flat is very nice and I have made friends with two of my flatmates already and some of the girls in the other flats. The only bad thing I can say about it so far is that the kitchen was pretty gross when we first turned up, but it's all good now. So, as promised, here's some photos of my room;

First Day.

Today I'm officially Moving In to Newport University! I am super excited, but I'm not sure what It'll mean for posting and so on; I might be too busy Fresher's week but then again I might get back to posting tomorrow. Either way I'll try and take some outfit photos to show you guys, as well as photos of my halls and photos of around campus and stuff if anyone's interested. I don't start properly 'til next week but this week I have a couple lectures and stuff anyway, I can't wait!

Animal Parade: Owls

I've seen whole zoos of animal-based cuties in the shops lately, and owls seem to be a very popular theme. So I thought I'd hit the websites and make a comprehensive list of all the owl-based sweets that are taking over our stores in the UK - they also have some things in Claires and Internacionale, but they don't have proper sites...
1. sequin dress,, £20 | 2. nerd pjs, new look, £12 | 3. socks, dorothy perkins, £2
4. owl print dress, matalan, £20 | 5. hat, topshop, £14 | 6. purse, accessorize, £5 | 7. jumper dress, asda, £12.50

Leopard Print on a Sunny Day

Last night I received a lovely email from a girl called Kate saying how much she liked my blog. I only got it this morning and it really brightened up my morning, I've never received 'fan mail' before! The other thing that helped brighten my mood was the ASOS sale; I ordered one thing (because I am skint trying to be good with my money) and it was this dress in the green - doesn't it look just perfect for autumn? Today I have a hairdressers appointment, and luckily the hairdressers is right next to the library so I might go nab a couple books to read - I've read all my own books several times over.
{dress: new look via ebay 99p, leggings: next, cardi: new look via ebay 99p, boots: asda £20}

New Trend: A/W Velvets

I adore this season's velvet trend, I've always liked velvet (back when I was a little bit goth and wore a long velvet skirt and doc martens to school) but now it's a lot more mainstream it's a lot more easy to find; the only fault is I haven't yet seen anything that's quite my style. Please, let me know if you see any affordable skater or 1950s style velvet dresses. In the meantime, though these looks aren't quite 'me' (though I could probably rock the New Look flippy skirt with some thick tights and sweet brogues...) they're very cute, and encapsulate the velvet trend without being too focussed around one colour or fabric;

Polka Dot Punk

I love my new boots, are they not the cutest things ever? Well, not cute, but a little biker and little punk rock, so they give a bit of an edge to all the dresses. My mum got them for me yesterday (thanks mum!) and I have a feeling these are going to be a wardrobe staple for A/W. I've started thinking about packing properly for Univeristy, I'm going this saturday! I'm most looking forward to sorting out my room and stuff, if anyone's interested I'll post some photos.
{dress: new look, £20, black tank top: matalan, £1, leggings: next, boots: george @ ASDA, £20, necklace: topshop, £2}

This Week's Lust After: Cold but Cute.

This week I've been thinking about my move to Wales, and how much colder (and snowier!) it's going to get compared to where I am now, so my lust after list is inspired by the much colder weather I'll be facing in a couple months;
1. Cardigan, H&M, £14.99 | 2. Armwarmers, Accessorize, £14 | 3. Velvet Leggings, Dorothy Perkins, £19.50
4. Bow Jumper, George @ ASDA, £12.50 | 5. Fairisle Bag, New Look, £29.99 | 6. Tweed Coat, Miss Selfridge, £80
7. Bunny Hat, River Island, £12.99 | 8. Tartan Snood, Topshop, £16 | 9. Art Deco Ring, ASOS, £8

Clashing Colours.

I'm completely in love with this cardigan, my mum got it for me from H&M the other day and it's just the perfect colour. I decided on a bright colour palette today, so I combined the mustard yellow with pastel blue, deep purple and pale pink. I think it creates a nice effect, but I might be mistaken. In other news, I'm off to University this weekend, it's so soon now!
{dress: new look via ebay 99p, cardi: h&m £9.99, tights: ???, flats: topshop, necklace: primark £1.50}

Infusion of Pink.

First of all, one of my blogspirations, Claire, featured me over on her blog! It's so exciting, overnight my followers number has rocketed up, and my pageviews - so hello to all you new people! c: This outfit is designed for warmth but by throwing the button-up dress on top it's a bit less monochrome-drab and a lot more cute, this dress is one of my favourites but I'm never really sure how to wear it, I'm not used to anything with a high-ish neckline or buttons! These shoes are new, I got them to wear to my 'red house' party at University but they're too cute to resist... Please excuse the quality of these pictures, I had to dabble with indoors photography because it's just way too miserable out there to drag my tripod outside.
{dress: primark £5, jeans: dorothy perkins £15, black top: primark £3, flats: new look £10}

The Negative.

Isn't this dress gorgeous? If you think you've seen it before on my blog you'd be right, even though I got it in the post today - it's like the negative version of this dress... though I wouldn't go so far as to say the 'evil' version c: Hopefully we're off to Primark today, to have a bit of a look round. I really want to get some long-sleeve tops to wear under my dresses, but we'll see - it's my last weekend home before I start University, which is super weird. Also, I made a formspring. Purely experimental, to see if anyone cares enough to ask me questions! So, you can ask me anything (within reason) by clicking here c:
{dress: primark via ebay 99p, cardi: tk maxx, leggings: next, boots: next}


I read a lot of blogs, in case you couldn't tell. Most of my page is taken up by a huuuuge list of blog names, and that hasn't been updated in a while so there's probably another 15 or so to add still. Obviously, if I'm reading your blog, especially if it's a fashion blog, it's because I like your style, but these bloggers are particular favourites of mine, and inspire me to want to take risks and interesting twists in what I wear;
one; Amy of Wolf Whistle always wears the most delicious outfits; in particular I adore the frothy, girly-girl things she throws on but I love the occasional tough look - and you can't help but admire someone who can wear a maxi dress that effortlessly...
two; Meg of Bow Ties Are Cool - geek chic all the way! I adore the girly geeky style she's got going on, and the fact she's a bit of a doctor who nerd (like me!) just adds to her charm. Also, she has the most amazing hair.
three; Tor of Fabfrocks has the most brilliant fashion sense and an amazing figure too, so unfair to the rest of us! She's a lot like me in that she loves prints and quite 50's-ish silhouettes, but she works it a lot better than I do.
four; Claire of French For Cupcake is just adorable, I want to own every single thing she wears! She also has gorgeous hair and a penchant for cupcakes and sweet things, just like me. I adore her use of jewellery because it's something I always forget to utilise myself, though she always looks amazingly put together.

Sizzling Red.

As I said previously, I've been put in Red House for University, and for our house party we have to wear our house's colours! I've already gotten a cute dress (and flats!) to wear but here's some super-cute scarlet-based outfits I could've gone for... I really can't wait to start, only a week to go now! Eek! c: