White Winter

I woke up this morning, looked out the window and there's snow on the ground! So exciting, haha I am such a big kid. But surprise snow is the best snow of all, though I don't have my wellies to trek about in right now, will have to grab them when I'm home this weekend. I seem to have accidentally gone for a Parisian theme today - I wasn't thinking when I paired this dress with this necklace, but there we go. Apparently my matching skills are subconscious c:
{dress: topshop £10, bodysuit (under): topshop £3, tights: h&m, necklace: primark}

Cold Weather Pastels

When it's chilly and miserable outside, what better than pretty pastels and cute florals to brighten up your day? c: I get my results back from my first essay today so I definitely need some cheering up. A bit a confidence would help, too! It hasn't snowed since our snow day but it is predicted all week, which I'm quite excited for. I love snow, even if I don't love the icky slippery iciness afterwards. I was inspired to wear this dress again by the lovely Jass who also owns it and looks too cute in it ♥
{dress: topshop £10, cardi: new look, tights: h&m, tights (underneath): primark, belt: primark £3,
necklace: primark, nails: 17 pink grapefruit and fairy cake, pumps: primark £2}

Snow Day!

Though I would share a few pictures from last night's snow adventures! My flatmates and I (one of whom has a blog, the lovely Rosie - some of these photos are hers.) ventured out into the snow, whilst everyone sensible was in their rooms huddled next to their radiators, and took pictures of the pretty snowflakes! It didn't snow for all that long and it's just a bit of ice and slush now but it was magical while it lasted... for Rosie and I it was our first experience of snow in Wales, super exciting c:

Daisies in the Snow

It snowed last night, I'm so excited! It was really heavy flakes though not that much of it stuck unfortunately; but being the mature, grown-up students we are my flatmates and I went outside to play in it last night, hehe c: It hardly ever snows, so this winter is going to be so exciting for me! Today my flatmates and I are meant to be going up to Cardiff for shopping (excited! apparently there is a huuuge primark!), assuming the weather stays OK, so I'm dressing a little practical; Converse with grip and a bodysuit under my dress, and I swapped out tights for jeans.
{dress: topshop £23, body: topshop outlet £3, jeans: DPs, converse: ??, necklace: made from charm}

Feeling Black and Blue

I don't wear this dress often enough; it has the most lovely sticky-outy skirt with layers of tulle but I'm just not keen on the top of it - which is easily solved with a buttoned cardi. Last lectures of the week today, then I'm going to work a bit more on my essay for abnormal psychology. I was proud of myself yesterday, I managed a very productive 500 words easily c: Photobucket seems to be super glitchy this morning, not showing pictures half the time, so these photos are temporarily hosted on flickr...
{dress: new look via ebay 99p, cardi: h&m £10, tights: topshop outlet £1, necklace: topshop £1, bracelet: primark 40p, skull pumps: primark £2}

Bows in her Ears

This is pretty much a whole new outfit, today! The only thing old(ish) I'm wearing is my jeans. In total (not including the jeans, they were my mum's ^_^) the cost of my whole outfit comes up to £3.99! Not bad, right? It's forecast to snow today, but it's pretty sunny outside so I'm not sure about that. I think it would look amazing if it did, though I would have to get up a slippery hill to get to all my lectures, and there's lots of steps about... hm...
{dress: new look via ebay 99p, jeans: ??, pumps: primark £2, earrings: topshop £1}

This Week's Lust After: Cosy Layering

Brr, it's actually getting cold here in Newport though it's still sunny a lot too, so I suppose it could be worse! It's the crisp, biting cold that's still kind of nice and fresh as opposed to the soggy autumn-y cold; I don't think we really got a proper autumn this year, how odd. So here's some cute, layer-able fashion that would keep you cosy all the way through to winter...
1. Skater Dress, Matalan, £14 | 2. Check Shirt, H&M, £12.99 | 3. Knit Earmuffs, Miss Selfridge, £5.50
4. Knit Leggings, New Look, £6 | 5. Bunny Hooded Scarf, River Island, £32.99 | 6. Faux Fur Hand Muff, Topshop, £20

Complimentary Colours

Another eBay find! Expect quite a lot of these over the next week or so hehe, I went on a bit of an eBay spree; lots cheaper than one in a normal shop, though c: I adore the way the rich purple-blue of my dress goes with the mustardy-yellow of my cardigan - and I love these heart print tights, I completely forgot about them until today. They are just the cutest!
{dress: peacocks via ebay £3, cardi: h&m, tights (under): primark £1, heart tights: primark £2, necklace: LLROK via ebay}

Pop of Yellow

I got this dress through the post yesterday along with another, so exciting! I love it, it just has sooo much skirt and would look amazing with a petticoat (or a few!) underneath for a 50's modern look. It would also look great in the summer without something on top but unfortunately it being the end of autumn in Wales it's pretty cold so thick tights and cardi it is. I finished my essay for Counselling Theory yesterday and handed it in, only one left before Christmas and that's for Abnormal Psychology. I'm excited to be done for the holidays, though I do also have an exam coming up for Facilitation Skills, eep! c:
{dress: primark via ebay 99p, cardi: tk maxx, tights: H&M, necklace: topshop £2, pumps: primark £2}

Lazy Navy Day

Casual Sunday, today! I've spent the day finishing the essay and playing Final Fantasy, nothing too strenuous hehe c: It's less than a fortnight 'til my birthday now, I'm soooo excited to see Edd, it's been nearly a month! ♥♥♥♥♥
{dress: primark via ebay, jeans: ??, necklace: topshop}

200 Followers Giveaway WINNER ♥

I am super happy to announce the winner of my giveaway is...
apologies for the terrible sound, silly webcam :c

♥ CONGRATS KYRIE! (though I don't know if I pronounced your name right!) ♥
Thanks everyone for entering c:

Leopard and Tulle

I adore this dress. It used to be my sister's, but she gave it to me. Can you believe it's a child size? It must have some stretch in it. Also, I forgot to shut the bathroom door so the light decided to get in on the action, hence the weird glow by my neck; it's not a tiny fairy or anything (though that would be awesome, I'm tempted to photoshop a zelda-style one in, hehe!) Also, last day to enter my giveaway so please don't forget or you might miss out ^_^ and speaking of my giveaway, would you like me to do a video post to present the winner? please let me know ♥
{dress: H&M kids, tights: primark £1, cardi: H&M, necklace: topshop}

The Red Queen

I'm still not sure about this dress. I've had it a while but I'm not quite sure if the shape or style suits me, since compared to most of my dresses it's pretty lacking in structure. I don't know, maybe it's just me being self-conscious because I'm out of my comfort zone. Please don't forget to enter my 200 follower giveaway if you haven't already ♥
{dress: H&M, cardi: H&M £9.99, tights: primark £1, pumps: primark £2}

This Week's Lust After: Modern Vintage

Wow, haven't done one of these in a while! This week I've been looking at updated vintage trends - I particularly love the bustier-bralet thing from H&M, it would look so cute over a 1950s-silhouette dress. And I'm sorely tempted to get that and the fairisle dress from ASOS with my birthday money... assuming I get some that is, my birthday's only 2 weeks 1 day away! eek c:
1. Fairisle Dress, ASOS, £32 | 2. Bustier, H&M, £9.99 | 3. Umbrella Necklace, Accessorize, £9.99
4. Cardi, Miss Selfridge, £38 | 5. Shiny Brogues, New Look, £20 | 6. Envelope Ring, Topshop, £7.50

Nautical Niceties

It's a lovely day outside and I'm stuck inside writing an essay! I guess I don't mind all that much though, because knowing me I'd sit inside playing the xbox anyway c: but to celebrate the unseasonably warm weather I'm wearing one of my favourite dresses; It reminds me a little of a 1950's bathing suit, all frilly and polka dotted. I don't know why I look so pouty in this picture, I think the camera caught me before I was ready. Ooh, and please don't forget to enter my 200 follower giveaway, guys! ♥
{dress: new look £20, leggings: next, necklace: topshop £2, bracelet: topshop £3, nails: 17 catwalk couture and fairy cake}

200 Followers Mini-Giveaway ♥

I am currently at 199 followers, and hopefully soon will hit 200! Over the course of a year my blog has just grown and grown and I couldn't be happier, thanks to you all for reading and commenting ♥ So even though I'm a poor student I thought I'd hold a mini-giveaway; this adorable gold-tone bow necklace. This is available to anyone anywhere so please enter! All you need to do is be a follower and leave a comment on this post, and for an extra entry it would be lovely if you did a post about this giveaway on your blog, leaving a comment here again with a link when you've done it ^_^
The giveaway will end on Sunday 21st, so enter ASAP! Good Luck c:
Giveaway Now Closed ♥

Head in the Clouds

Ok, so I cheated a little; this outfit is actually from saturday, but I figure an old(ish) outfit is better than none, right? In case anyone was wondering about the room, it used to be my sister's but since I've pretty much moved out I'm in the little room when I am home and she has my old room. The clouds, however, are my own work and I did them with a pot of white paint and a sponge a couple years back. I'm pretty proud of how they turned out, still. This photo came out hideously grainy, so lets just pretend it's intended in some kind of cool indie-statement way c:
{dress: new look, cardigan: h&m, tights: asda, pumps: primark, necklace: primark}

Fanciful Florals

I'm back from my weekend in not-so-sunny Weston-Super-Mare! It was lovely but I'm happy to be back in my lovely warm flat with my lovely flatmates. Of course, I couldn't leave town without one pretty item, and this time it happened to be this lovely sundress, from the sale. It's lovely thick material though and with tights it can be worn all year round I think. I also got my Christmas shopping done, so that's something else out the way c:
{dress: topshop £10, tights: h&m, cardigan: h&m £9.99, necklace: primark £1, pumps: primark £2}

Street Fashion

As promised, here's a couple shots from the photoshoot for my flatmate and amazing photographer Rosie. She's super talented and you should all go check out her blog too, since it's a cute little thing c: Also included in these photos is my other flatmate, Ams; isn't she amazing looking? I would die to own those shoes! In case you were wondering, my coat is Hell Bunny and almost everything Ams is wearing you can buy from Blue Banana if you're in the UK; I don't really know specifics on brands ♥


Today my lovely flatmate Rosie is using me for one of her projects on her course, street fashion photography. What I'm actually wearing today won't be seen as I'm going to wear a coat over the top but it's exciting all the same! If she'll let me I will post some of the photo up here. Also, you may have noticed the 'eyeko ambassador' button in the sidebar. >> It's actually well worth you clicking that link if you're planning to buy things from eyeko anyway, as you get a free gift if you spend £10! So that means if you spend £15, two free gifts! I think so, anyway c:
{dress: new look via ebay 99p, tights: h&m two for £12, cardi: george at ASDA}

Autumn Apples

I noticed a couple people expressing interest in my apple hoodie, so here it is! I've had it for years now, and I still love it though I hardly wear it these days! Adorable, isn't it? c: Oh, also, happy anniversary to my blog! This has been my little personal corner of the internet for just over a year now, and I wouldn't change it for the world ♥ ♥ ♥
{apple hoodie: tk maxx, jeans: dorothy perkins, dress: H&M}

Green and Gold.

This dress is perfect for colder days, because of the longer sleeve and hem length. The thin-ness of it also makes it easier to pair with something underneath, so I'm wearing a tank-style black body too to keep warm, it's pretty chilly here today! Hence I'm wearing leggings instead of my new tights that I was planning on wearing... This necklace is new, though, isn't it adorable? I couldn't resist it, sparkly and cupcake-shaped ♥
{dress: ASOS £6, leggings: next, boots: ASDA £20, necklace: primark £1.50, nails: 17}

Military Girl

There's something I love about this dress. Individually, the combination of black and khaki, the exposed zipper and the military theme would not be something I would go for. But all together I like it a lot. I handed in my first essay today, I'm so scared~!
{dress: internacionale, cardi: h&m, jeans: dorothy perkins, pumps: primark £2}