*Drumroll* Sponor Giveaway Winner

The winner of my large ad sponsor-spot giveaway is the lovely Rosemary of A Rose By Any Other Name Would Smell as Sweet, congratulations! I've made you a temporary button (which will be up tomorrow) but you can always contact me with a replacement if you would prefer ♥ And for everyone else there's still super cheap £1 ads available for the first week of january, just take a look and contact me! ^_^

(A Little) Punk Floral

Happy New Year's eve everyone! I hope your 2010 has been lovely and amazing and your 2011 will be even better. I'm not doing anything big for New Year's, spending the evening with Edd and most likely going off to the pub for a while, assuming it isn't too busy. Then tomorrow staying 'round my lovely friend Sophie's house for a sleepover session which will no doubt involve lots of video games and our own weight in sweets being eaten. I haven't really set myself any goals for last year or next, but all I can say is I am so happy with how my blog has grown and how many gorgeous, lovely followers I have. Here's to a great 2011! Oh, and don't forget to enter my sponsored ad giveaway (only 3 hours left)
{dress: g21 via ebay 99p, shirt: gift from Rosie, wet look leggings: ebay,
messy nail polish: cute or what hot pink and purple}

New Year's Sponsor Giveaway!

In an attempt to kickstart my little sponsor-button thingy, I've decided to give away a large button ad space for new years! It will last for a fortnight (hopefully getting a lot of exposure for your blog!) which would normally cost £7 and then will be available for anyone else who wants to sponsor ^_^ This is going to be a very short giveaway, until about 12 (midday) tomorrow, so please enter ASAP! To enter just leave a comment on this post. Small sponsors are available too at the bargain price of £1 for the first week of January then doubling the second week; or only £3.50 for a month! I'm more than happy to make you a button myself for an extra 50p (or free obviously for this giveaway!)

New Vintage

A simple-yet-pretty outfit today, undoubtedly the famous yellow cardi will be thrown on top when I need to go out! If this hadn't been bought in the sale, without a doubt this would have been one of the most expensive dresses I own; isn't it just beatiful? I love the way the purple roses echo my hair colour and the vintage lace around the collar. I rarely step foot in Urban Outfitters as the staff tend to be pretty snooty and rude (though only to those over a size 10 I notice!), at least at the one in Bristol. Edd is back in the UK today! Even if I don't see him it's exciting to know he will be close by again.
{dress: O&O at Urban Outfitters £19, khaki tights: topshop £3, (trashed) bow pumps: peacocks £8}

The Princess

Introducing the new love of my life;
Isn't she gorgeous? She's a purple Casio EX-Z330. She's named Peach, after a certain princess c; £71 (from £120!) in ASDA and the last one there! Super lucky. I've been 'practising' with her all afternoon, so here's some shots I took:

Dreaming of Daisies

I seem to be having a bit of a daisy overload at the moment, don't I? hehe. They're my favourite flower by far, and my mum came very close to calling me Daisy but (unfortunately) my dad didn't agree. Tomorrow Edd is home from France! But in typical boyfriend fashion failed to tell me when he would be back or if he is going anywhere else so I don't even know if I get to see him tomorrow. I hope I do! With my tradition of spending-all-my-money-on-dresses I grabbed this cutie from the ASOS sale today and it should be being sent to my Halls at Uni. Excited! I love ordering from ASOS, it's something I rarely do. Also just a quick note about my half price sponsor sale for those who didn't catch that post. £4 (small) or £6 (big) for a month's sponsoring is not bad and maybe a good way to invest a little of your christmas money? c;
{dress: topshop £28, cardi: h&m £14.99, necklace: primark £2, jeans: DPs}

Sponsor Time!

Since this is the first month I'm going to be attempting this, I decided to halve my 'usual prices' as seen on the sponsors page. So to sponsor an ad for one week would be £1 for a little sponsor, £2 for a big ad and so on. There are more details here, but I would really love it if I could get some lovely sponsors sometime soon c:


So I went and spent a massive chunk of my Christmas money yesterday, which is naughty of me but one thing I cannot resist is dresses! I ended up buying two yesterday and two (if you include the primark might-be-dress-probably-tunic) the day before! I'm a dress addict, I swear, I own so many now. I suppose there are worse things to be addicted to, though.... So as 2010 comes to a close I've been thinking about my blog. Is there anything you guys don't like about it, or any features I should do more? Perhaps more photos per outfit? I don't know. Some opinions would really help c:
{dress: topshop £26, tights: asda, cardi: h&m, mary janes: doc martens}

Birds Fly

When I picked this dress (tunic?) up from Primark I didn't realise quite how short it was! Indecent without jeans, though I could think of someone who could probably get away with it as a minidress. Yesterday I went with my family up to Bristol, mostly because my sister wanted to buy a new phone. I got a new phone too (her old one!) into the bargain; a Nokia N97 mini, It's so adorable! I've already bought her a pink case off ebay. Her name is Dora (of explorer fame). I hope everyone had a great xmas/boxing day, the countdown to New Year's starts now!
{top/tunic: primark £6, white tank: topshop, cardi: h&m, jeans: DPs, necklace: gift}

The 25th Day

It's christmas! So I opted to wear one of my favourite dresses, paired with jeans because we are going to my Nan's and her house is always freezing. I got some lovely gifts too; a super cute hat, some (pink) bathroom things and lots of cookie and cake mixes (my family know me so well!) so I forsee a lot of baking in my future, since my friend Sophie also got me some dinosaur cookie cutters! c:
{dress: topshop, jeans: DPs, necklace: topshop outlet, earrings: gift from BF}

Bonjour Monsieur

In honour of Edd being en France I decided to wear a dress I got last time I went over there with his family from French chainstore Cache Cache, which has been sitting in my mum's wardrobe for the past year because I'm never quite sure if it suits me or not, so I gave it to her. Therefore it's just on a loan to me for today c: I'm wearing makeup today(!), only mascara and a little Barry M 'eyeshimmer pencil' but for some reason it makes me look really made up, hehe ^_^ Knowing me I will probably be posting tomorrow, but if not Happy Christmas/whatever you celebrate everyone! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
{dress: cache cache, jeans: DPs, shoes: peacocks £8, necklace: primark £2}


Brr, it's cold today! I'm in a bit of a morose mood, Edd is off to France and everything just feels a bit crappy. Not a good day, and I can't even really go out unless I want to face ridiculous crowds of people panic-buying all their christmas presents. It's really windy outside too as you can see from the photos! Apologies for the rubbishness of the photos, they all turned out a little dark and grainy :c
{dress: primark via ebay 99p, cardi: h&m, tights: h&m, body: new look £2}

Christmas Before Christmas

The boyfriend and I exchanged presents the other day, since tomorrow he is off to France with his family to spend Christmas there. Which is kind of sad, but at least I got to see him before he went, anyway. This is also the reason for lack of outfit posts over the last few days; I've been spending time round his (we've been mostly playing Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare which is really good!) hence no real photos. As per my feedback from my last post though, I did set up a little sponsor thingy with prices I think are reasonable; just over there on the sidebar or follow the link here. So, here's what my lovely boyf got me;
Gorgeous and crazy expensive earrings! I love them, they are so sweet and steampunk-y ^_^

The Zombie Survival Guide. More of an essential than a gift, really.
This thing will be read until it's dog-eared and decrepit.

Comfy Cosy

This is probably the closest you will see me to a jeans and teeshirt - this jumper itself is practically a dress on it's own; if I were a little shorter I would wear it on it's own with black tights. It's blowing a mini blizzard outside again, Edd and I were meant to go to a shopping centre in Bristol but I'm pretty sure that will have to be postponed. Also, some exciting news (for me anyway); thanks to the lovely Rosie I'm going to see Reel Big Fish live in February, in Cardiff! I'm so looking forward to it, they are one of my favourite bands ever (though Lemon Demon are my number one always).

Lately I've been wondering about blog sponsorship; currently Blargle Fargle is attracting about 4,500 hits a month (which is amazing in itself for me, though for some bloggers a tiny amount!) and I was wondering if I should start putting the idea of blog sponsors out there. Next University term I will be in a pretty bad way financially so it would help a little, and making a tiny bit of money out of doing something I love would be just amazing. So, what are people's opinions on this? Would anyone be interested in sponsoring? Should I wait until my blog is better and more popular or leave it be? c:

{jumper: h&m, dress: h&m via ebay, jeans: DPs, necklace: topshop £1}

Cyan Blue

I'm not sure if I like this or the green better; maybe I like both just the same amount! It's so nice to have such bright colours in the hair, just looking at it makes me smile on a grey day though I've been getting lots of second glances when I'm out and about. I also gave it a bit of a trim as well. Edd ended up getting home on Friday night and I spent all yesterday with him, playing left 4 dead mostly! I'm pretty terrible at it but I'm getting better ^_^
{dress: topshop £10, body: new look £2, cardi: h&m, tights: topshop £1, necklace: primark}


It's snowing! I'm so excited! I imagine for other people in the UK this would be a subject of lots of moaning and eye-rolling, but down in the South West we don't really get that much, so it's still something different ^_^ It's snowing out there right now and there's already a fairly thick blanket. Part of me wants it to carry on all weekend, but the other part of me is worried whether Edd will be able to get home if it carries on... it's a long journey from Stoke. It's nice being home again though, I missed my family and the doggies and I can't wait to see Edd again before he goes to France ♥
{dress: peacocks, cardi: new look via ebay, tights: h&m, boots: gift}

Blogspiration v.2.0

It's been a long time since I've done a blogspiration post so I figured now is as good a time as any, and it's always lovely to recognise those whose blogs have influenced me whether fashion-wise or blog-wise or even life-wise ^_^
#1 - Violet of Violet LeBeaux is not only an adorable part-lolita (with some gorgeous outfits to boot) with stunning hair but also is an amazing artist, crafts-wise. Her blog is stuffed full of cute, crafty ideas with sparkles and pink and florals as far as the eye can see. I want to be like her when I grow up ♥
#2 - Emma of Oh Really? is a level of fashionable I'm not even near! She combines edgy accessories with pretty vintage or sometimes the other way round, and her style is always shifting and changing which makes her even more brilliant!
#3 - Charlotte of Girl Next Door Fashion is amazing; not only is she studying in the USA for the year she finds time to write professionally for several fashion blogs and keep up to date with her own! I'm envious of her style too; so many things I would pick if only I were a little braver c:

Changing Room Subterfuge, The Return Of.

Since I was in town on my own this morning, I figured I'd do a CRS! Something I've not done in absolutely ages I know, silly me c: This time my travels took me to the Topshop Outlet and H&M...

The first dress is a pretty patterned maxi dress. First thought I had upon trying to try it on is 'I feel like a sausage!' I look slightly like one too, ick. I'm not designed for clothes that tight and clingy. This was £7 in the outlet. The other dress was from the topshop/christopher kane collection and who can say no to bright neon yellow? With control pants it would have looked ok if it weren't for the weird underboob window. I don't know why anyone would want to show off the bottom of their bra! This was £5 in the outlet.

This first dress was just way too cute on the hanger! And the back is elasticated, so win-win. However, it's not even dress length on me. I'm pretty sure even people who wear microminis would flinch at wearing this out. The bust was boned too, which made it a little tight and caused a 'flattening' effect. This was £10 in the sale. The middle dress was just gorgeous, it's a brighter orange than it looks and I probably needed the size 16, not 14, but unfortunately with my hair it created a clown type effect. A cute very well dressed clown, though c: In another colour it would have been perfect. It's £19.99 full price. The final dress had a really weird fit; the shoulders were odd in that I couldn't really lift my arms up! There was elastic at the back but it was too low down so it just flipped over itself making the skirt stand out in an unflattering way. This was £10 in the sale. What do you guys think of them? c:

of Shorts and Sequins

I cannot get enough of this dress, I'm so glad I grabbed it when I had the chance as I feel it's going to be a wardrobe staple all year round! I love everything about it from the 'secret' embroidered tattoo pattern, the sequins on some of the flowers, the hook and eye bust. Almost-perfection in dress form ♥
{dress: river island via ebay £1.70, cardi: george@asda, tights: primark x2, shoes: converse}

Last night I clicked on over to Frocks and Frou Frou and saw her new post in which she talks about wearing shorts or control pants under dresses to avoid 'chub rub'. All I can say is, snap! Admittedly though part of the reason I wear them is I have trouble getting tights in my size, so I end up wearing these in an attempt to keep them up all day; it seems to work, too! My shorts are normally made from cheapo primark leggings or those 'control' leggings you can get from peacocks or asda because they stay in place all day. So now you know c;

Disheveled & Mini Blog Sale

What do you think of my sexy, unwashed hair look? Haha. I've been trying really hard to get past wanting to wash my hair everyday but it's pretty difficult; even with dry shampoo in I feel a bit, I don't know, unclean. I've had short hair for ages and ages so I'm so used to washing every day. But if I want my hair dye to last that can't happen :p Some of the ends have gone brown-ish because the bleach didn't quite take enough so I'm going to bleach them again before I dye again. I'm also thinking about sticking some purple or blue dye over the top too. What's your hair routine?
{dress: new look via ebay 99p, cardi: h&m, jeans: DPs, shoes: converse sneakers}

Also, I am going to be slightly cheeky here and advertise something for sale on my blog. I got this lovely H&M dress for a bit more than I normally would on eBay due to seeing how cute and vintage-y it is, and imagine my dismay when I got it in the post today and it was obviously more of a 12 than a 16! The previous owner didn't even wear it, just washed it so it must have been shrunk. But essentially it's still a brand new size 12-14 dress. I'm thinking of selling it for maybe £5 plus P&P (which would be like £1.50, though international would be more!) c: email me (there's a link on the sidebar) if you would be interested....