Brown Bird

Apologies for no face shots, none turned out right I didn't really feel like reshooting today. I haven't worn this dress for a long time, practically since I started going to Uni. To be honest I'm not sure why, it's a so light and comfy with such a cute pattern there doesn't seem to be any real reason not to! I'm in a pretty cheery mood today; Uni stuff is back on track and I got a B (2:1) for my exam I did just before the Christmas holidays. So everything's pretty good right now. Don't forget about the giveaway that's still going on, guys, only two more days to enter.
{dress: new look, cardi: primark via ebay 49p, necklace: gift,
jeans: next, boots: doc martens £50, nail polish: asda martian £1}


  1. The Nail Varnish is a nice colour!!

  2. Oh wow, I love this outfit! The print on the dress is so lovable! Love your necklace! :)

  3. I love the dress with the taupe cardi, very pretty combination! I have the skirt version of your dress, it's such a lovely print and beautifully soft swishy cotton. x

  4. you look beautifullllll <3333
    ive given you a blog award! check out my latest post and pass it on :) <3
    -Rosie xx

  5. wow love the nail polish, only £1 you say??

  6. your dress is so cute! love the birdie print (:


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