Oops, I forgot to put my necklace and bag on for the full-body photo! I am wearing them though, promise c: It was lovely being back in Weston for the holidays but I missed my little room in Halls a lot! I'm glad to be back, though of course I miss Edd and my family. Tomorrow I have to go get my results for my Counselling Studies assignment, wish me luck! I was slightly worried about this one so fingers crossed. I was working like mad last night getting everyone's ragdoll commissions and blog graphics done but it was lots of fun; I'd forgotten how much I love drawing! I'd be happy to do any more ragdoll drawings (or blog headers, email me about them) if anyone wants them, the prices are in the sidebar ^_^
{dress: new look £20, body: topshop £2, cardi: new look via ebay 99p,
jeans: DPs, bag: new look £2, necklace: claires £1}


  1. You look lovely today.
    Your Family is missing you too. lots :(

  2. your ragdolls are great! I am beyond thrilled with my new banner, thanks so much!

  3. Great bag for £2!
    I love my banner, thanks :)

  4. love your nails!! sorry for the delay in gettin back to you and your qu, i dont wear a slip but i prob should cos i do have trouble with my dresses sticking to my tights! x

  5. You always wear the cutest dresses! And that necklace is so adorable!


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