Lace and Leather

Apologies for the blurriness in these pictures, I don't know what's going on there... I finally got myself the quintessential thin brown waist belt! Real leather, 90p in the Topshop sale oh yes c: This day next week Edd will be down to visit me, I'm super excited! We're going round Cardiff looking at Vintage Fairs and all the places Torchwood/Doctor Who were filmed, like the geeks we are. I can't wait! Oh, and currently there is no buyer of the big sponsor spot on my blog! It's only £11 for a month or £7/fortnight, £4/wk and it's about 2/3 bigger than the little sponsor spots so will be sure to get you at least a bit of lovely attention c: nab it while you can! There's still lots of nice bits and pieces in my blog shop too including some gorgeous dresses that don't fit me quite right (including this), so please go have a look ^_^
{dress: urban outfitters £19, tights: topshop £2, cardi: select £3, bracelet: gift, necklace: gift, belt: topshop 90p}


  1. Jacobs has a Dr Who shop too! there is a nice big cut out of Matt Smith I wanted to steal.
    The address is West Canal Wharf
    Cardiff CF10 5DB.
    If you are getting the train to Cardiff get off at Central and walk towards the great western pub, you will see a sign opposite the pub with jacobs on and an arrow and you go under the railway bridge :)

  2. I'm in love with your dress, the print is amazing, and with the collar over the top, perfect!! =D

  3. I agree with Sian. The dress is fantastic!!!
    Any plans to sell that too? :P

  4. The dress is amazing! I love the lace collar and it's pattern! And it fits you like it was made for you :)

  5. Such a adorable outfit, and good deal on that belt!

  6. Absolutely love the dress! I always love your dresses! I am nearly at 100 followers, cannot wait until I do my giveaway!!


  7. Your necklace is so adorable, and I love the color of your cardigan!

  8. I'm in love with the peter pan collar of the dress. It's so delicate*

    ehy, I'm hosting a giveaway right now and you can win one of the lovely Thelittlefox's necklaces that I think fit perfectly with your style* if you want to join the giveaway click here :)

  9. love love love this dress! its so weird how a thin brown belt can complete an outfit, can't believe i only discovered that recently lol x


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