I don't wear this dress very often, it's quite an odd length on me (and most other people, I suppose) but I love the lace bodice and cap sleeves which are great when it's a little too cold for strappy dresses. It's my first proper day back to Uni today, two lectures. Applied Psychology is seriously the dullest subject in the world! Sigh. I decided to (finally) jump on the nude nails trend, only a couple years too late haha thanks to a generous nail polish donation from Rosie.
{dress: g21 asda, necklace: topshop £3 tights: primark, boots: doc martens}


  1. no problemo for the nail varnish, it suits you more than me!
    you look beaut as always :) <3

  2. this dress is really lovely :)
    but all your dresses are super cute!
    and its okay I'm still yet to try the nude nail trend, bu i want to :P


  3. I really like that dress!
    I have very little thing with lace in them. I wish I had more, it just makes things so much more delicate and pretty looking!

  4. Really like that dress, supermarkets have great clothes now and they are usually way cheaper than than places like Topshop. All my fave cardi's are from asda. I've not tried nude polish yet, Barry M have quite a nice one I might try x

  5. ooh the nude nail polish is pretty, i may have to get some :)

  6. Love that dress on you! The cap sleeves are my fave part!! You always have the cutest necklaces!

  7. Super cute dress and that necklace is to DIE for!



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