Multiple Awards

I've been tagged by *ahem* several people over the past few weeks (thanks guys!) to do this Blog Award doohickey but me being me, I'm only getting 'round to it now... c: This one very '7' oriented, firstly I have to write seven things about myself and then pass it on to seven bloggers (who are in no way obligated to post this one if they don't want, it just shows I am thinking of you ^_^) so here goes;

seven facts about myself you might not know
  1. I am naturally blonde! The one hair colour you will never, ever see on me; unless I'm in the middle of bleaching of course. Not white blonde (though I was almost there when I was little) but quite ashy. Here's an example of me way back in year 9 (the last time my hair was it's natural colour!)
  2. I am Lactose intolerant! Which means I can't process the sugars or something in milk. Doesn't stop me eating cheese (or chocolate) though, it just makes me ill after. But some cheese is so worth that. Nom nom.
  3. I am a complete gamer geek. Okay, so most people know this. My game flavour of choice is definitely Zombie oriented; in particular resident evil though left 4 dead is good too. This obsession love spreads into my book collection too.
  4. My online name 'Rai' has a very long and convoluted past. I started out as 'Agent H' thanks to a Matrix addiction, changed to 'Shunrai Neko' in my anime-obsessed tween days then became The Raivoloution (from ShunRAI), more likely shortened to Rai as of late.
  5. I have big feet. And I mean, really big. They are actually a UK size 8.5 or 9 but I've been forcing my feet into 8's for years. They've gotten used to it by now. I swear my Docs are the only shoes to fit me properly in years.
  6. My favourite animal is the Okapi, closely followed by the Axolotl. The Basilosaurus is quite high up my list too but I think a Axolotl is the only one I could conceivably own, as Okapi and endangered and Basilosauri(?) extinct. I would have two, and call them Sigmund (Siggy for short) and Freud.
  7. I am incredibly nit-picky and obsessive when it comes to organisation and planning. I'm already driving Edd mad and it's still and month until I'm going to see him! Everything must be in order down to the last minute detail, and god forbid anything goes wrong.
So, there's seven not-so-useful and sort-of interesting facts about me! I hope you read them through a couple times, there will be a quiz later (there won't really) c: and here's my seven wonderful blogger picks;


  1. Y'know, blonde would've been the last colour I wouldn't guessed to be your natural colour for some reason but I still think it looks nice on you.

    And yay for gamer geeks! Resident Evil 4 is one of my favourite video games, even though it completely scares the crap out of me. Aaand axolotls are super cute. Hope you've had a lovely weekend. :)

    (Sorry for the deleted comment, I'm a stickler when it comes to typos!)

  2. Lol, I'm totally with you with number 7 as I'm also a planning freak and always quite insecure if I don't know all the details about something I'm attending or so :D

  3. I'm incredibly nit-picky and obsessive when it comes to organization and planning!

  4. Awww! This was fun to read :) I love that you color your hair, it always cheers me up when I visit your blog.

  5. Yay for big feet, mine are a UK 9, I hate that it makes buying shoes so hard and I'm such a baby about my feet hurting I couldn't do what you do.

  6. I never would have guessed you were a natural blonde! I always thought brunette for some reason! xoxo

  7. Just been looking through your blog and your hair is amazing!!
    Rianna xxxx

  8. haha i thought you would be a natural brunette as well. and omg i could never stand be lactose intolerant. I LOVE CHEESE. like so much. thanks for tagging me. :]

  9. us lactose intolerant girls gotta stick together

  10. Hey, I have tagged you in the Kreativ Blogger award!


    Ps, Lactose intolerance must be horrible! I’m allergic to lots of different metals luckily not steel but everything else pretty much but I still wear lots of jewellery!


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