Navy and Stripe

I haven't worn this dress in forever, I'm not sure why. It always looks better with jeans, though. I should wear the blue one in this style soon too. I was thinking about doing special valentines day couple ragdolls for like £4 with lots of lovehearts and cuteness, would anyone be interested? Just let me know! I failed one of my essays yesterday so I'm feeling pretty down about it, but at least I can redo it in February... still feels a bit crappy though. Tonight I'm dying my hair, I'm really excited about it! can you guess what colour? c:
{dress: primark via ebay 99p, cardi: new look, jeans: DPs, bracelet: topshop}


  1. i can guess, but i guess thats cheating ;)
    you look laaaavley :) xx

  2. Don't let the essays get you down! :D xx

  3. Try not to get too down about it, it's great you get to have another go :)


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