Vintage Day

So yesterday I went up to Cardiff for some vintage shopping with Edd, Rosie and Rosie's boyfriend. Despite the fact we came back empty-handed I did love looking 'round all the vintage shops, and in particular Jacob's antiques was really good. I don't have a proper outfit post (we left really early and I wasn't in the mood the take a photo!) but Rosie took a picture of me and edd while we were out that shows off what I was wearing pretty well - excuse the heart covering my face but trust me it wasn't a flattering photo of that part of me, haha. It was pretty cold too, hence the arms crossed!
{dress: topshop £10, cardi: h&m, tights: primark £2, belt: topshop 90p,
boots: doc martens £50, bag: new look, necklace: primark}

And here's a bonus 'couple' picture of Edd and I on the train;


  1. oioi misssy take that heart off your face! or at least put another up of you and edd :)
    <3 Rosie x

  2. Did my jacobs directions help or totally send you in the wrong direction?
    Good isn't it?! full off eccentrics.
    Loads of vintage events coming up in Cardiff soon, Judy's affordable vintage fair sounds great.

  3. I love your dress here :) xxx

  4. Awwww! You guys are so cute!!
    Loving the outfit!

  5. Nyaw!
    Boys with glasses are the best! =]

  6. I love your tights! :)
    we're planing on going to Cardiff this summer. can't wait

  7. I love Cardiff, I had a friend who went to Cardiff Uni so I used to visit now and then. Plus I had another friend who is from the place with Big Pit so I went out there a few times, pretty cool place. The yellow cardigan looks great against your hair colour =)

    Hannah xx

  8. Your docs are AMAZING!
    I love your hair colour!

  9. You look pretty! i love your outfit.


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