The Pier

This weekend (and into next week) I'm home. I got to see Edd today and yesterday before he jets off to Finland for snowboarding with his family which was lovely and we had a late Valentines in proper WSM fashion; on the pier, eating chip-shop chips. It was wonderful, but ever so windy! Please ignore my super crazy windswept hair, haha.
{dress: new look, leggings: ebay, cardi: new look via ebay, necklace: gift, boots: doc martens}


    made me squee a bit :) xx

  2. aaw sounds lovely. You look like you're going to be blown over by the wind :)
    I love the British sea side, windy, wet and a bit run down but till beautiful.
    I went to WSM to see the sand sculptures and for a day out in the summer, I loved it

  3. Your hair looks AWESOME against the grey grey background =]

  4. your dress is very pretty! the pier looks like fun...

  5. Yay for the pier!
    I really enjoyed that time I went on the new pier, so many new rides and too much money spent but well worth it :)

  6. thanks for the follow fellow geek girl! and a healthy array of dr!


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