Roman Ruins

Looking back, I'm not too sure about these gray leggings; they aren't all that flattering really! These photos were actually taken by Rosie for her next project, hence why I look so miserable; it was specified. I'm naturally a quite happy person, promise! These were taken at the Roman Ruins in Caerleon; the amphitheater and everything. These past few days I've not been up to much. I've finished all my assignments for Uni for now and I don't have another one due for a month or so, and it isn't even up for me to look at or start yet, sigh. On thursday I'm going to visit Edd up in Stoke though, which I'm really looking forward to, if a bit nervous about...
{dress: new look, leggings: topshop, necklace: topshop, boots: treds}


  1. I haven't been there since I was about 8 on a school trip!
    I've found that taking photos of what I'm wearing had helped me see what suits me the best and what outfits work.
    They grey looks fine to me though :)

  2. Great polka dot dress- oh-so Marc Jacobs AW 11!

    I hope you don't mind me joint-nominating yourself and Rosie for one of these award things.
    Here's the post, please let me know if either of you object:

  3. What a cool place for a photo shoot! And you look pretty; sad but perry.

    Thanks a lot for the congrats on our wedding. Have a great week!


  4. hi rai, i left you a comment about week ago wondering if you had received it-i cant believe you haven't, my first ever give away thwarted by royal mail. i didnt send it recorded (now-i realise i REALLY should have done!) it was sent the weekend you gave me your address, so its obviously gotten lost :-( WAHHH x

  5. I think your outfit is really cute! I'm glad you still chose to post the photos even though you were a little unsure about the leggings x

  6. you are so beautiful and i love you very much :) <3333

  7. Love the dress but strange to see you without a smile on your face - you usually look so happy. Then I read the post and realise you were looking glum!


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