The Handwriting Challenge

I've seen this on several blogs recently and thought I'd finally join in! I was a bit hesitant, you see, because my handwriting isn't bad but it's inconsistent. It can go from girly and bubbly with heart-dotted 'i's to spider scrawl and anything in between. I've never really set on a style that comes naturally to me; weird, I know! My quote, by the way, is from the amazing Art Deco FP RPG Bioshock, one of the loves of my life. So here goes;
1.- Name and blog name.
2.- URL.
3.- Write, "A quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog!"
4.- Favourite quote.
5.- Favourite song.
6.- Favorite bands/singers.
7.- Anything you want to say!


  1. Thanksfor doing the challenge :) My handwriting changes a lot as well, seems to make a difference what pen i use etc as well ;S

  2. I have the same thing. My writing changes every day. Sometimes it can be very very messy.
    Love your quote.

  3. i love your handwriting I have just blogged my own handwriting now as well


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