Outfit Art: All Boxes Checked

No outfit post today and maybe not for the next few days, as this week is a not-leaving-the-flat dressed-in-comfy-clothes revising-for-exam kind of week. I have an Intro to Research exam on the 7th, and even though it's online and therefore 'open book' I need to write down all my notes in nice ordered pages rather than the chaos they are now and make sure I at least know enough to not be flicking through every 5 seconds! However, if I were going out today (and it were sunny rather than miserable) this is what I am daydreaming about wearing;
[dress: tesco via ebay £3, petticoat: ebay £10, belt: primark, cat shoes: blue banana]


  1. I love how you've put your hair and dress in the drawing, looks really sweet! took me a min to notice, I thought it was all painted :D

  2. that is super cute!


    P.S. Today is the last day to enter my Big Fat Crafty Giveaway!

  3. do you draw these by hand? they're very lovely, i wish i had a drawing talent !

  4. cute dress, how cool is an online exam??? so jealous!! can you stay in bed for it?
    And haha that you loved my most lazy outfit of the week! x


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