DOTW: Topshop Pink Tulip Pattern Fifties Dress

Sorry about the non-illustrated image this week; I ran out of my backlog and since I'm home I don't have access to a graphics tablet, which is a bit of a pain in the bum. I picked this dress in light of the fact the boyfriend and I have slowly been working our way through the first three series' of 'Mad Men' and I am in love with the costuming. This dress reminds me of the lovely Betty Draper.


  1. mad men <33
    this would look awesome on you ^_^
    Rosie xxx

  2. oooh very nice!
    Have you seen the new collection in Peacocks? you would love it xx

  3. looove it!
    and I dont know when it happened (maybe I'm way behind cos I normally read through google reader) but I love your current header and layout etc :)


  4. just wanted to say that i looooove your blog :)
    and this dress looks like it would be really you, i kinda fancy it as well haha

    franky xxx


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