Another day, another pattern mix. I don't know what I'd do with myself if my clothes were only one colour and plain! I feel like my outfits express a lot of who I am; a bit eclectic, a bit colourful and a bit girly! Speaking of the fashion side of my blog, the lovely Adele of Whiskey-Rose did an interview with me and it went live today, please be sure to check it out, both she and her blog are lovely. It's another beautiful day today, but anyone who's anyone (in the geek world) will know Portal 2 came out today so the boyfriend and I are holed up in his front room, Xbox 360 controllers in our hands and the curtains shut firmly against sunlight, haha.
dress: new look, cardi: new look via ebay 99p, jeans: QS £4, high-tops: Pastry, necklace: claires


  1. n'aww loving the last picture!
    and the beaut cardy!

  2. Every time I see the name Blargle Fargle appear in my blogroll it makes me chuckle - thought I'd let you know! Loving the oattern mix - life's too short not to mix it up!

  3. Portal is awesome! My boyfriend got the new one yesterday, and I can't wait to play it!!

    Cute outfit too. I love that dress every time you wear it

  4. The weather looks so perfectly fine!! Lovely outfit! ^^


  5. That dress is so fantastic. I think I have a skirt with that same pattern. I love your hair so much, it is gorgeous! And the last picture is the best, so cute!


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