Blending in with the Wallpaper

This is a re-post as Blogger apparently decided to have an 'off' day and delete my (and I assume everyone else's) posts within the last day or so. Sigh. I wanted to repost, however, as I do really love this outfit; monochrome, which is a bit on the dull side for me, but I think the excess of pattern really makes up for it, don't you?

dress: primark £9 ♥ leggings: primark £4 ♥ cardi: new look via ebay 99p


  1. Hmm- I don't know about adding sizes. I usually ignore them.

    I love this dress a ton, though. And I think it's awesome with your cardi.

  2. Love the nails! I so need to get one of those white nail art pens, where did you get yours? :) x

  3. @Jess - it was from eBay! <3

  4. Your nails look awesome! I'm really diggin' how your hair looks in these photos as well. :)

  5. Ergh blogger deleted my last post too! I'm sorry to hear it's messing everyone elses posts up as well.
    But i absolutely adore this outfit, the dress and cardi go together so well! Lovely, i'm well jel!

  6. It deleted one of my posts but its back this morning. However, some of my comments have totally gone and I had to republish others grrr...

    Onto other happier things - like your pretty dress. Its simply fabulous!

  7. this is such a cute post and your nails are adorable!

  8. Hy dear,
    LovE your blog & all your outfits :)
    Visit my new blog

    Kissses from pepa :X


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