Coral Red

It's a lovely sunny day today, which is a bit of change to the recent miserable weather! The boyf should be home today (fingers crossed) and I'm super excited to see him, too; it should be a good day overall. It's nice to be able to relax and not think about University and stressing for a while, though I do need to sort my Student Finance out soon as they've sent everything out to the wrong address! Nothing unusual there though. It was nice to take photos outside of the house for once, too - it's properly springtime now, lots of greenery and pretty flowers. I'm so excited for this summer!

dress: primark £9 ♥ cardi: new look ♥ HK necklace: claires ♥ tights: primark ♥ shoes: converse


  1. I love love love those converse! The outfit is adorable as always.

    -Meg Needles

  2. love the nails - i really want some glittery nail polish!!

  3. I have that dress :) I swear as soon as I bought it the rain started and its been horrible since!
    Looks fab on you xx

  4. I adore your Hello Kitty necklace!! :)

    pinklittlebean blog

    Clare x

  5. What gorgeous colour combinations - love the Converse and glittery nails.

  6. aw i love your blog, you look great in every outfit!! :)

  7. FIRST of take great pictures, the colors and the shots are awesome.

    SECOND of all... I love your style girl!



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