DOTW: Dorothy Perkins Navy Spot Crochet Trim Dress

Dorothy Perkins Navy Spot Crochet Trim Dress £25

A more casual dress this week; it would look wonderful with navy or white leggings and flip-flops for a casual summer BBQ and the lightweight cotton combined with the crochet trim makes it nice and breezy for hotter weather. Of course as with most dresses you could dress it up a bit with some cute heels (maybe red for a nautical feel) and black tights, with gold jewellery.


  1. i like it :) im your new follower i'd love if you follow back

  2. I went to Dotty P's this week and was pleasantly surprised by what they had in store. I won £15 in Arcadia vouchers so I'm going back for a proper look tomorrow.

    I'm not a big fan of navy though as it was my school uniform colour and brings back bad fashion memories!


  3. I rather like that. I'm very wary with the quality of DP stuff recently though.

  4. I do love your doodles :) I think there is 25% off DP today xx


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