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Just a quick post for today, because I've been neglecting the blog recently in terms of outfit posts! Recently everything's just been going wrong though; one of my dogs was ill, then Violet (my laptop) broke and isn't quite fixed yet, so I'm typing this up on my parent's computer. And today I'm making a trip down to Cornwall to see a very ill relative, which is about a 6 hour round trip, though I'm not driving (I can't drive) so it's not as bad as it could have been... but yeah, there's been a lot of things happening so it will be relief when this week is over and I can start anew the next! Keeping in mind the long car journey I'm wearing comfy casual clothes, nothing special, but I thought you guys deserved a little more postage here, especially now I have so many amazing followers!

dress: peacocks ♥ cardi: primark £5 leggings: topshop 90p♥ shoes: ??


  1. Here goes my favourite dress of yours again! Love it!

  2. You look lovely and I adore the colour of your shoes. Sounds like you've been having a bit of a hard time! *hugs* x

  3. oh maaan :S
    hope everything gets better.
    miss you!
    nice shoes :)xxx

  4. Love the colour of those shoes!

  5. You look gorgeous as always. I hope everything gets better for you. <3

  6. I hope you're okay and that everything and everyone is fixed soon :)

    Looking good as always x

  7. The dress and cardi are gorgeous. Such a fab combination.

    Hope the trip goes as well as possible.


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