Home: A Mini-Tour

Back when I moved into my University Halls I did a mini-tour of my room. And since I've just finished sorting out my room at home where I will be living for most of the summer (at least), I thought I'd do the same thing again! This room is even more pokey then my halls room was so luckily most of my non-bedroom-essentials (i.e. kitchen and bathroom things) were crammed into the cupboard under the stairs leaving me with plenty of room for clothes, shoes, and... well, that's about it really. Ahem.


  1. Your room is so pretty!

    And oh my GOD I love those suitcases!
    They're amazing!
    Where did you get them?!

  2. @Lee - Charity Shops and Flea Markets! These were £10 each but I have another lovely 70s suitcase full of books uner the stairs that cost me £2.50 c: xx

  3. oh wooow where is the dino clock from?! my flat needs one ;)
    and i love how organised you are!

  4. thats sooo organised!! I love your shoes xx

  5. Aww, your room is very pretty and organised ^_^
    I am thinking of splashing out on some irregular choice shoes too but some sandles instead. I don't have anywhere to go to wear such nice heals and especially ones that are so pretty!
    Where did you get yours from? I was thinking ebay maybe the cheepest option?

  6. Love the pin up board and the case you use for your nail polishes, I'm looking to do my room soon so thanks for the inspiration!


  7. I love your shoe collection! Your room is so pretty :) x

  8. I really like the colour of your curtains and your room is so pretty! I wish my room were as organized as yours haha.

    Maybe when I move to my new house I'll do a total overhaul and become super organized. ^_^

  9. Your room is really funky, as expected, love it! x

  10. Gah my rommate has those black IC turn down shoes at the end, and Lee and I both have different variations of them too! Love!x

  11. Hey Girl,

    I love you room. I'm a big fan of pink as well so I'm especially digging it!



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