Shades of Cute Sunday: Hot Pink

When I was little I used to hate the colour pink; any shade of it from baby to fuschia. However, more recently I've started to appreciate the colour far more - it might be girly and barbie-ish but it's also super-cute and looks amazing paired with other colours like navy and pale yellow. I'm definitely a pink convert! And if you're like I used to be, maybe these cuties will change your mind;
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  1. Aw I love that bikini, so cute!

  2. Oooh thanks for bringing me to the attention of that skirt. Not sure pink is for me, but the length on that is perfect - midi skirts don't serve me well, but that looks like it'd sit just below the knee, rather than halfway down your calf. Will have to investigate Topshop for more!

  3. Ahhh I love all of these!

    I never used to be a fan of the colour pink either but recently I have been taking a liking to it :)

    That bikini is so cute! I love the handbag and Hello Kitty laptop sleeve too!


  4. So true. I never used to be OOH PINK!!! but now I absolutely love the colour. I just think that it is so bright and cheerful and happy making :)

  5. I used to be the same way about pink. But now look at my blog! Hot pink is the best pink of all.

  6. I want #5 reaallly realllly bad!!

    Love pink.


  7. Absolutely loving that bikini!

  8. must have that bag. Must! ^_^

    Great collection. I feel the same way, only about green. I detested the color green when I was little.

  9. I love everything but pink will always be my favourite colour!


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