Shoe Picnic: Rocket Dog Caprico

Are these quintessential 'blogger shoes' or what? These Rocket Dog Capricos boast a wedge/heel combo with a wooden sole and a tan t-bar upper with a sweet floral detail that would look adorable with black knee socks or tights (or grey, perhaps?) but just as cute as 70's revival with a floaty dress and feathery accessories. And at a £60 price these are on the cheaper (ish) end of the better-quality scale too, not to mention they come in a delicious red colour too! How would you style these? I'd love to know.


  1. to answer your question: Black tights, cut off shorts and a quirky tee.

    Those shoes are fabulous. I love Rocket Dog.

  2. I love wedges you can wear them with anything, tights, ankle socks anything! :) x

  3. I wouldn't - but just because I have a really weird thing about wedges needing to have a solid wedge, and not a gap before the heel. It's a shame cos everything else about them is lovely!


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