DOTW: River Island Yellow Bandeau Dress

River Island, £29.99
I don't know if it's something about the looks on the high street at the moment, but my usual dress-love and fashion sense has fallen completely flat. I only sort of love this dress, it's something I'd definitely nab if it were in the sales but I would pass it up otherwise. Though, saying that; if I had more money it would be different story! The back has quite tight shirring which means it would stay up all day, the skirt is plenty long enough to wear without leggings/jeans, and it has the cutest beading as well as such a cheerful colour. Oops, I think I'm changing my mind! Want alert. Unfortunately my purse has more moths than actual money....


  1. i totally agree about the high street, i'm kind of glad in a way as it's making the spending cut a lot easier to deal with, but i really struggled to find things i liked for my birthday!

  2. I quite like this dress, but I agree that it would certainly look nicer with a lower price. hopefully it'll appear on ebay sometime soon ~


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