Favourite Thing Thursday: Lush 'Dirty' Solid Perfume

Lush is one of my all-time favourite shops; I love the way you can smell your way there from right down the street! It's just got this distinctive, delicious scent. Saying that, I never, ever buy anything there for myself. It's like some kind of sacred unwritten rule that Lush Stuff must be Given As A Gift, and therefore not purchased for myself. This cute little solid perfume was no exception, as the boyfriend purchased it for me. At £4.50 it's not badly priced and I can imagine it lasting absolutely ages. It has the most wonderful scent with spearmint, thyme and tarragon that makes it both very fresh and a little musky. The sales staff were so great in helping me pick which one to get, too, I would just love to be in that shop all day.


  1. I have the vanilla solid perfume, its lasted me months so far and i wear it everyday. so yummy!!!

  2. i love their solid perfumes!
    i actually asked for one for my bday ^_^

  3. Hi miss Rai,

    I'm really funny about perfume, well about smells in general really! Can't wear it full stop, it gives me a headache, I wonder if I might get on with a more natural one like this one??

    thanks for all the blog comments and support recently, I really appreciate it :)
    I seem to be getting less and less followers and commenters at the mo, do you have any tips, or do you think it's something I've done? I'm deffo making an effort to comment on other peoples blogs more though, sorry for neglecting you!


  4. I have a bodyshop solid perfume which I love....only bad point is you have to put it on with your finger, I love how this one winds up xxx

  5. Lush Lush Lush Lush!

    I was in one of them this weekend and got Jasmine tea and chacolate and a sit down and intensive intro to all the Gorilla perfumes and the ol' reliables. It was a perfume party! I got a stick of Ladyboy, which sounds dodgey but smells nice. =D



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