Nyan Cat

Bonus internet points to you if you understand this post title. If you don't, then you really, really should. These shoes are my nyan cat shoes, except not involving rainbows, poptarts and being the wrong colours. So, yeah; just my cat shoes really. But they are super-cute though! Kawaii with a bit of added punky clunkiness. I paired them with a bright dress, rockabilly cardi and basic tights for a look that's a little different but everyday enough to be comfy. I ended up taking the tights off though, what was this sudden heat we have in the UK at the moment. I have a fan at full blast by my head as I'm typing this post up, phew. I'm hoping all this humidity will bring a storm our way, just to break the heat a little.

dress: primark via ebay / cardi: george via ebay / tights: gift / shoes: TUK kitty shoes c/o spartoo


  1. sososoo cute <3
    Rosie xo

  2. I love those shoes and they look so comfy!

  3. I love the dress!



  4. Awww!
    Little kitten shoes!
    Sooooo cuuuute!


  5. <3 so much love for your outfit from top to toe ^_^

  6. Love the shoes but I don't really get all the fuss about Nyan Cat. It's repetitive and kinda silly. Like the Gay Pride flag behind it though :D
    But mostly I just lack a sense of humour when it comes to most of these online things (apart from Look at my Horse which I can just watch over and over XD).

  7. Hi! I love the dress, suits you well and you have a colourful styling :)

  8. You and your shoes and your blog are adorable and inspirational. Following :)


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