Shoe Picnic: Dkode 'Violet' Heels

A couple years ago I wouldn't have been seen dead in heels. However, in recent times that all seems to have changed my collection has shot up from nil to 5 pairs pretty much overnight; and I wouldn't change that for the world! Heels make me feel girly, cute, add something a little extra to an outfit... and these Violet shoes by Dkode are just the perfect mix of cute and casual with a low heel that looks ultra-comfy, too.


  1. ooh these do look nice, pretty scalloped edge!
    I need to get more heels this height. I see pretty tall heels, buy them and can't walk in them so I never wear them :(

  2. I love this shoe to bits! There are too many shoes I want right now, going to have to start saving.


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