SOCS: Easy, Breezy White

Even though the weather outside seems to have decided summer is now officially over (eek, I feel sorry for all you festival-goers), white can still be a great staple and when the sun does make an appearance it's a great colour to keep you cool. Not to mention it's so neutral you can combine it with literally any colour palette; go citrus sunny with yellows, oranges and whites, or go monochrome with white and black, or even nautical (or patriotic) chic with red, white and blue.

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  1. pretty! love the white trend, goes so well with bright hair :) dress is just darling and love me a good heel brogue! xxx

  2. I like everything here! Although TBH, white is not my favourite colour - I naturally prefer dressing in brights, so I would probably combine each of these with other brightly coloured things.


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