Daisies on Daisies on Daisies

My hair is now at that awkward length where it's too long to settle into a side-fringe and too short to be properly swept to the side so it's turned into a bit of a shaggy, lopsided full fringe. Eek. So until I can get myself to the hairdressers I'll have to make do with strategically placed hairclips (Hello Kitty ones, of course). I felt like dressing flowery and girly today - spending the weekend at the boyf's always leads me to dress slobbish-ly, bad habit right there. It's nice and sunny today but still cool enough that I'm not baking in my cardi and jeans as I've slightly idiotically packed most of my clothes - including tights and leggings - up for heading back to my house this weekend for a few weeks.

Today is Tuesday, which means D&D night though currently we're playing an 'Atlantis' game played on a fudge dice (which are like 6-sided dice with + and - and blanks instead of numbers) and fate system rather than the typical D&D setup. It's pretty fun, though it's weird using a completely different set of dice and rules! I'm missing using my pretty gem-coloured D20s and D8s a little, haha. And speaking of gaming, I've been playing Minecraft again; and I'm really into it right now. I'm loving mining and building my own little islands and houses but I'm not loving the creepers and skeletons so much.

dress: primark / jeans: dorothy perkins / cardi: dorothy perkins / flats: draven / necklace: ?


  1. aaw so summery :) i love daisy prints, i have so many! xxx

  2. You look gorgeous! I absolutely love your blog- following :D xxx


  3. I love the colors of your dress and your cat flats! My brother is obsessed with Minecraft. He showed me his wolf/dog on it the other day, who shakes in this really cute way when he gets out of the water.

  4. Oh I feel your pain on the weird length fringe so much! I think mine has finally grown out of it but it took quite a while and there's nothing more annoying than fringe in your face!

    Beautiful outfit, that dress is gorgeous (as are you lovely lady)


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