My Leopard Print Heart

Back in the day I used to be stoically against several fashion faux pas; leggings, trainers with dresses and leopard print. Safe to say I've changed my spots, ahem. Today's outfit is pure comfort, with a little cosy thrown in by my thermal ski leggings from topshop, which I've had for ages but since I don't ski or anything of the sort seemed a pretty stupid buy despite how bargainous they were at the time (£3 I think), but while unpacking my room I dug them out and discovered they actually looked quite cute not hidden under other clothes. They have a sweet little snowflake pattern my camera couldn't really pick up, too.

dress: peacocks / leggings: topshop / cardigan: h&m /
shoes: pastry via tk maxx / necklace: claires / socks: peacocks


  1. A fantastic outfit Rai! I usually don't like animal print on clothes but that cardigan looks amazing <3

  2. oh i love the gift you have for mixing quirky prints!

  3. I just feel in love with ur carigan, omg i want that , im loving ur blog,and noow following, please follow back

  4. I love your cardigan, so cute!! xx


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