of Piers and PJs (and Bouncy Castles)

The party I went to was a lot of fun! First of all we went to the Pier and went on all the arcade-y things (but didn't win anything of course :c) I took a load of pictures of us out in town out and about, (and the birthday girl looks beautiful in her Hell Bunny dress, so jelly) but literally as soon as we headed back to the house the heavens opened. It didn't stop up though, there was lots of slipping about and a little bouncing on the bouncy castle in the sopping wet - but because of the rain there aren't any photos unfortunately. Yes, we did all get soaked but afterwards we warmed up in our onesies and ordered in Dominoes so all was good.


  1. oh no about the rain, but glad that you managed to hgave a nice party anyway! i love her dress too!

  2. Aw shame bout the rain but sounds like you guys had a great time never the less ^_^
    Also loving the Iron Fist flats!

  3. hehe i'm glad you had a good time :) i forgot to give you your little present so i need to see you soon to give it to you.
    thank you for the lovely comments, my whole outfit was birthday presents which i love so much hehe

  4. amazing dress!! I have alway fancied visiting a British style pier with games and things, we don't have anything like that in NZ.

  5. Sounds like fun times!


  6. This sounds like SO much fun! Bouncy castle and onesies, you just can't go wrong with that.

  7. Oh that dress is fantastic! Perfect for a birthday girl. Glad you managed to have fun despite the weather.

  8. Hello,

    just stumbled across your blog & love it! Always great to find fellow geeks ...

    Your newest follower,
    Kelly @
    Elegantly Academic

  9. That dress looks amazing on her! I hadn't seen it being worn before and it really suits her! Love the shoes as well x



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