Wishlist: Comics and other Geekery

Sometimes I realise, with a blog that's primarily fashion-based, I tend to only show oine part of my personality. The part that likes girly things, cutesy clothes and bold patterns. Not to mention dresses, dresses, dresses! So I thought maybe it's time to integrate a little more of the geeky girl side of me into the blog. Instead of a compilation of cute outfits, these are the comics, games, figures and other geekery I'm currently lusting after;

one. Minecraft merch, of any form, but these magnets are particularly cute.
two. Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines is a game I've been wanting for a while.
three. Final Fantasy plushes. This Cactuar soft toys is on my want list!
four. Pink Sparkly Dice! okay, so a bit of girliness seeping through there, ahem.
five. The Wet Moon comic series is one I've been meaning to get into for a time.
six. The Ame-Comi figures series. In particular Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy.
seven. Ramona's Bag from Scott Pilgrim. I plan to dress as her for Halloween.


  1. The Ramona bag is a must, I have been meaning to get one of these for a while but they seem quite expensive. Maybe I am not looking in the right places. I can't wait to see you dresses up as her though, you MUST have some photos to show us all when it does happen.
    Tehe, I love the minecraft magnets! I have started to play a little although not properly, just kind of playing around on the free game as I am too scared to do my first night on the proper game! <3

  2. Geeky girls unite! :D

    I have Vampire the Masquerade (found it on a car boot and got it for £1!) and love it, but I never managed to complete it as 1) I got too scared, and 2) my computer wasn't powerful enough so it was glitchy D:

    I have ALWAYS wanted a chocobo teddy to my teddy collection ;) There's quite a few now though and I can never decide which one I want D:


  3. Cactuar! Man, now I really feel like I need those FF plushies in my life. They should do a Moomba one too. <3

  4. OMG where do you get the Cactuar plushie?? I desperately want a moogle plushie, so goin on an ebay hunt now lol


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