Aventures Française: Sizun Fest Noz

Fest Noz is Breton for 'Night Festival', and is a really lovely traditional event with lots of local businesses and farmers involved as well as lots of dancing, the style of which mostly dates back to medieval times. The one we attended in Sizun was great, with live music and great traditional costume and by the evening all the villagers (and some brave visitors) were joining in with the dancing and it just looked amazing. Unfortunately, this year there were no fireworks due to the church being still covered in scaffolding from the last time fireworks were launched off it. During the day there was a lot of sweet little stalls too, selling miel (honey) and baskets and cider. There were also lots of demonstrations like sheep shearing and rope making.

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  1. That seems so cool =]

    I had never heard of this festival.

    *takes note of this for future travel plans*



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