Shoe Picnic: Marian Pomone Marine/Grey

This is going to be the last Shoe Picnic, for a while at least, so I thought I'd better make it a good one! I have so much love for these Marian Pomone boots, they look like something Kirsten Dunst would've worn in Marie Antoinette; so elegant and just the perfect shoes for lolita edwardian type dresses too. So, so much want. I'd team these for a more victorian-modern twist with white tights, black pinstripe shorts and a deep blue blouse for a cute but practical outfit - think a female Adam Ant!


  1. Lovely boots!

    Emma x

  2. :O

    Those boots are frickin' amazeballzzzzzzzzzz!

    I want!!!!!


  3. These boots are a little bit amazing.

  4. So much love for these, I have always wanted a pair of shoes like these <3 x

  5. Merci : )
    These shoes are so weird, i like them .

  6. those boots are amazing. A whole look in just a pair of boots. Obviously other clothing is advisable as well.


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