A Brief Hiatus

Sorry guys, I'm in Stoke with my boyfriend (and without my camera) until the 14th and then I'm moving back into my Uni house the 17th, so I should be back around the 18th. I promise I'll make up for the missed half-a-month for sure with lots of features and outfit posts, so please stay awesome and keep an eye out all of you lovely followers ♥


  1. Have fun while you're away! :D I start uni this year on the 26th so am really excited! Also loving your cute blog design :) x

  2. Have fun! Be Safe! I look forward to your return!

  3. Hope you have a good trip and move!

    (Loving the newest look of your blog)

  4. Eee, can't wait for you to come back :) I have super missed your outfit posts!
    P.s Aww, I love your pinky new blog ^_^ Cuuuute!


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