Friday Sunny Friday

What's going on with this British weather, guys? The leaves are falling from the trees at the same time as all the flowers start to bloom again and the heat is indian-summer tropical! Not to say I'm not enjoying it, buy could the nice weather maybe have started the week before I started lectures? And if I'm honest, my lectures have been seriously kicking my bum, the difficulty level has definitely gone up several notches; I will be spending my weekend trying to revise neuroanotomy and preparing a presentation on the regulations of counselling. Well, luckily today I don't have lectures and I've given myself the day off so it's off into town with Rosie for some birthday-present-hunting and window shopping :D

dress: internacionale / cardi: new look / necklace: llrok / shoes: ?


  1. Love this outfit, the shoes are awesome!


  2. I've been in work all week and will be all weekend, sooo not enjoying this weather x

  3. Ugh I know right, what's with this weather?? I came to London expecting rain and grey skies, and so far it's not delivered. Annoying. That said, you look just as pretty and sunshiny as the weather, despite my dislike for hot days. I love the print on your dress!

  4. That necklace is sooo cute!!!


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