More Like Me

These photos were taken on the Tuesday, but I'm trying to keep an every-other-day posting schedule going for the moment so here we are two days into the future! I wore this outfit to meet up with some lovely girls on my course; Jess you may know as she runs the cutest little crafty and makeup-based blog and also sells jewellery. It's nice to see Uni friends again; I adore my housemates but it's great having people to moan about my course with, as everyone else in my house is doing arts courses! I'm feeling better now too, a day in bed and copious amounts of peanut butter on toast works wonders. Right now I am getting really fed up of my hair though, I just don't know what to do with it; it's a fluffy, random-lengthed too-long mess, I really need to do something with it before I just tear it all out!


  1. dress is so cute! I should wear my dresses but I just love my jeans too much.
    Awesome nails too!

  2. Very cute look! I hear you on hair- mine is growing out from that half-shaved look and it's curly! Luckily it's hat weather here. ^_^


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