A Birthday Wishlist

In 3 weeks it's going to be my birthday; my 21st in fact, but that doesn't matter very much to me and I'm really not planning to do anything for it if possible - I just don't enjoy things like that! I'd much rather spend the evening in with the boyfriend who should be coming down and visiting for it, which will be lovely. But anyway, one thing I do like about birthdays; presents! Here's what I'd love to receive this year:

one. this cute little hipflask is from urban outfitters, and I love the girly take on it! there are lots of different patterns and fabrics available too; I first spotted them back in October at the SW blogger meet and couldn't help taking a closer look. I'd keep, I don't know, orange squash in it or something.
two. this eyeshadow palette is by the amazing sugarpill, and I've heard some seriously great things about them. If I had this I'd probably wear eyeshadow a lot more often!
three. it's no secret I'm a Lolita fan; it's just a shame it's so, so expensive a fashion style. At least sites like bodyline are reasonably cheap and very cute, too. I could order millions upon millions of adorable jsk's from that site.
four. dr. martens 'triumph' boots; these ones have a floral interior as well which is just too sweet, and the ribbon makes them super girly as well as being warm and weatherproof. not to mention how pretty that purple shade is. Oh, and I know I already own these in brown but the purple is just TOO cute :3
five. a pink laptop! this is the one ridiculous item on my list, because there's no way i'm getting one. but isn't it so adorable?
six. 'daisy' by marc jacobs. they are my favourite flowers and also the scent of this is lovely, though to be honest it isn't at the top of my list because I have lots of other lovely perfumes already that I don't wear enough as it is!


  1. It's my birthday soon too! I can't wait! Those purple boots are amazing! Such a lovely colour :)

  2. good choices lovely :] I used to have a pink laptop it was the main reason i chose it x

  3. Great choices, I used to have the white version of that dress but it's long gone now as I sold most of my lolita collection I only have a couple pieces by BTSSB and Angelic Pretty left now.

    Oh and yes Sugarpill is amazing I have one of their palettes and it has great colour and staying power, one of my friends actually works for Amy now xoxo

  4. oooh nice! I have a hipflask with my name on :) x

  5. Great choices! The dress is gorgeous! xx

  6. The owl hipflask from urban outfitters is totally on my xmas list!! :D xoxo

  7. Wow 21 is a big one!!! Happy birthday for 3 weeks time. Really cool wish list - love the dress :)

    Laura x

  8. ooh I like those boots! I have a vaio pink laptop, had a few years now though. the new ones look fancy :D


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