Creepy Punky Halloween-y

I know, I know, Halloween and all that is long over but I seem to be getting into the spooky spirit just now! I think all the hair-dye may be having an effect on my brain as I seem to be making an abrupt turn from florals and frilly to punky and (maybe a little) gothy, though I still love pink. The season's finally caught up with me. Here's a couple pieces I'm loving at the moment, that are making me made doe-eyes at my overdraft limit, haha. These would all look awesome with ripped tights, docs (or these heels!) and bright hair;

one. iron fist 'muertos' tee
two. TUK platinum leopard heels
three. kreepsville 666 zombie barbie mini
four. criminal damage zebra shorts
five. hell bunny tartan zip dress


  1. Love the tartan dress I wouldn't mind getting myself one of those xoxo

  2. Mmm, I do like these prints :) Still got a touch of girly though x

  3. That tartan dress is delicious. Love the shoes as well. And the shorts. If only I were rich! *sighs*

  4. I love the top and the shorts :] Great prints XXX


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