Making Scaffolding

Just a quick one-photo post here to show you the newest part of my (small) collection, my scaffold piercing! I've gone a little piercing mad lately haha but I don't have any more planned for a while, that's for sure. Mind you, against my Septum Piercing nothing (facial-wise) can be as painful, I'm sure :p


  1. looks pretty, goes so well with your hair as well, very nice xxx

  2. Ahhh don't say that, I'm getting my septum done on Saturday! Oh well it looks awesome so I'm definitely getting it done no matter how painful it is! The scaffold looks great on you, I considering getting that done too but I've settled on a snug instead... So excited!

  3. Despite any possible pain problems I still want a septum XD although first I need to redo the 4th hole in my right ear (it went wrong when I got it done).


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