Marisota: Playing Dress-Up

With a lot of plus-size clothing these days, I have the problem that there isn't a large amount of variety with what is out there; similar to problems with finding things long enough or short enough in the shoulders (I have very small shoulders, let's not get into that.). It's either frumpy and middle-aged or trying too hard to fight some kind of self-righteous war that plus-sized ladies deserve to wear tiny bandage LBDs and ridiculous crop tops as much as the 'skinny' girls (which I wouldn't wear no matter what my size!). These plus-sized fashion cuties (available from a size 14) from Marisota, however, are just too cute! Joe Browns in particular has been a favourite brand for a while and it's nice to see it out there for all sizes;


  1. loving the new layout! I know what you mean about variety, there are a lot of plain black dresses and long skirts. I would just like places like Topshop to sell a better range of sizes rather then have specific plus size shops. There are some really nice Joe Browns festive cardi's at the moment x

  2. I love the new layout so much!! Very cute. I love that jacket and dress.

  3. I have so much love for Joe Browns :) I used to be obsessed with the clothes, it has slightly calmed down a bit but even so, they are awesome! x


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