Bristol Blogger Xmas Party: Boohoo Fashion Show Picks

One of the highlights of the blogger party was the mini fashion show put on by; there were some truly drool-worthy clothes in there! I took lots and lots of pictures and can I just say, the styling on the models was amazing! Some beautiful hair going on here as well as make-up. Here were some of my favourite picks;

This fake-leather-type dress was lovely, though I'm not sure I could pull it off myself! I love the idea of teaming it with a floaty floral type jacket as it takes the edge off the punkiness a little. Not too keen on the shoes, a little blah for me.

I loved this dress; very simple and elegant but draped enough to be flattering and short enough to work with trousers too if you wanted. I love these heels but unfortunately the models proved to us they can be very hard to walk in; the poor girls were stepping like show-horses to keep them on their feet!

The best for last; I adored this little red number, I think it is the kind of thing I would wear and wear, especially with the slightly punky belt. Swap out the peep-toe heels for some DMs and ta-dah! A very 'me' outfit.


  1. The looks on the catwalk were great but I never would be able to walk in the shoes they were wearing!

  2. They definitely put me off the shoes! The red dress was lovely x

  3. I would die in those shoes! loved all the jewel colours x

  4. I agree about the shoes, they look ouchy! I adore the red dress though, especially with the punky belt :) x

  5. Hehe, the four people visible in the top photo are people I know from real life! They were there for UBU Photosoc. I've been wondering when I'll spot them on peoples' blogs.


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