A Change in the Fashion Winds

Call me fickle, but I've suddenly become hugely in like with bodycon - or tube - style skirts and dresses; something I would never, ever wear about three months ago. In winter they are just so practical to wear in rainy and gross weather and you can layer them like anything and with anything, from floaty dresses to tight tees. Love!


  1. I'm the same! I've never been a skirt person but after seeing all the cute prints I'm convinced I need one in my life :D I really like the one from Miss Selfridge ♥

  2. I love these styles skirts, but I have done for a while. I have a similar print to the Miss Selfridge one from Tesco xxx

  3. I love them H&m do good cheap plain ones £3.99 i think and i have black grey and a black and white stripy one from there x


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