I got new glasses! They cost a cringeworthy amount, but that's mostly because I'm blind as a bat and my prescription cost more than the frames since they need to be thinned at least 25% so I don't have tiny moleman eyes. The brand is Superdry and I got them from Vision Express. Let's hope my prescription doesn't change any more for now (like it has been every year since I was 8!) because I certainly can't afford another pair for a while!


  1. PRETTEH!!!! I love the color fading :D

  2. Hi Rai,

    We're loving your new Superdry frames, they really suit you! The Superdry Optical range is a fantastic range and one we're hearing a lot of love for.

    Kate @ Vision Express

  3. They are lovely ^_^ I like how the colour merges x

  4. I feel your pain with the prescription change. I started wearing glasses when I was 11 and have had to have the strength increased everytime. I'm blind as a bat without my glasses/contacts now! xx


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