Multiple Awards

I've been tagged by *ahem* several people over the past few weeks (thanks guys!) to do this Blog Award doohickey but me being me, I'm only getting 'round to it now... c: This one very '7' oriented, firstly I have to write seven things about myself and then pass it on to seven bloggers (who are in no way obligated to post this one if they don't want, it just shows I am thinking of you ^_^) so here goes;

seven facts about myself you might not know
  1. I am naturally blonde! The one hair colour you will never, ever see on me; unless I'm in the middle of bleaching of course. Not white blonde (though I was almost there when I was little) but quite ashy. Here's an example of me way back in year 9 (the last time my hair was it's natural colour!)
  2. I am Lactose intolerant! Which means I can't process the sugars or something in milk. Doesn't stop me eating cheese (or chocolate) though, it just makes me ill after. But some cheese is so worth that. Nom nom.
  3. I am a complete gamer geek. Okay, so most people know this. My game flavour of choice is definitely Zombie oriented; in particular resident evil though left 4 dead is good too. This obsession love spreads into my book collection too.
  4. My online name 'Rai' has a very long and convoluted past. I started out as 'Agent H' thanks to a Matrix addiction, changed to 'Shunrai Neko' in my anime-obsessed tween days then became The Raivoloution (from ShunRAI), more likely shortened to Rai as of late.
  5. I have big feet. And I mean, really big. They are actually a UK size 8.5 or 9 but I've been forcing my feet into 8's for years. They've gotten used to it by now. I swear my Docs are the only shoes to fit me properly in years.
  6. My favourite animal is the Okapi, closely followed by the Axolotl. The Basilosaurus is quite high up my list too but I think a Axolotl is the only one I could conceivably own, as Okapi and endangered and Basilosauri(?) extinct. I would have two, and call them Sigmund (Siggy for short) and Freud.
  7. I am incredibly nit-picky and obsessive when it comes to organisation and planning. I'm already driving Edd mad and it's still and month until I'm going to see him! Everything must be in order down to the last minute detail, and god forbid anything goes wrong.
So, there's seven not-so-useful and sort-of interesting facts about me! I hope you read them through a couple times, there will be a quiz later (there won't really) c: and here's my seven wonderful blogger picks;

All You Need is Love

I have a small collection of love necklaces flourishing on my jewellery tree, have you noticed? They're so easy to find at the moment and there's something too kitsch-cute about them that I can't resist ♥ I haven't posted for the last few days because I've been (and am still) pretty ill; just the usual, icky tonsils, face hurting, sore throat etc etc, pretty much bi-weekly symptoms for me. But on a good note I've also been planning going to see Edd up in Stoke (he's as Staffordshire Uni) for the first time! And probably the last time this year if I'm honest, it costs a lot in train tickets and travel. But I am very excited about sorting it all out and going and meeting his friends and so on, though obviously I'm super nervous too.
{dress: primark via ebay 99p, cardi: tk maxx, jeans: next, necklace: topshop 90p, nail varnish: barry m special effects}

Mirror Image

I didn't take a proper outfit post today so here's a grainy picture of me in the changing room mirror at the topshop outlet! Rosie and I went into town and while we were there I handed out a bunch of CVs, which is a good start though nowhere is actually hiring at the moment. I have my fingers crossed, though! Oh, and here's some more exciting news; I have nearly 300 followers! Never in my wildest dreams would I expect that many people would read my blog, it's pretty amazing. So hi to all my new followers, please feel free to leave me comments - I don't bite ^_^
{dress: peacocks, tights: h&m, boots: doc martens £50,
cardi: h&m, coat: next, necklace: primark, bag: blue banana}

Blog Shop Restock

There's some new items up on the blog shop so go have a look and grab 'em while you can! c:

Raffles Bizarre Giveaway Winner

I was amazed by the overwhelming response to this giveaway, and I honestly wish you could all win something :3 but even if you haven't won I hope you'll keep Raffles Bizarre in mind for your jewellery cravings in the future! So without further ado, the winner is;
congratulations, your email will be passed on to Jess who will send you your prize ♥

Pink Flowerpatch

I'm having a bit of a crisis as far as outfit inspiration goes; I feel as though all the outfits I put on are just exactly the same! It's really cold here at the moment so I've gotten stuck in a jeans-instead-of-tights rut and I only have a handful of long sleeve cardigans that I'm cycling through. Maybe I'll feel more inspired when spring comes round, especially with my actual outfit photos. Other than being stuck on a fashion basis, today we are finally going to go sign our contracts for our house next year and hand over the deposits. It feels like a lifetime ago when we viewed it! I'm so excited to get it all sorted. I'm going to be looking for summer jobs in Newport as well as at home since I will have the option of living here c:
{dress: river island via ebay 99p, cardi: new look, jeans: next, necklace: primark £1}

Brown Bird

Apologies for no face shots, none turned out right I didn't really feel like reshooting today. I haven't worn this dress for a long time, practically since I started going to Uni. To be honest I'm not sure why, it's a so light and comfy with such a cute pattern there doesn't seem to be any real reason not to! I'm in a pretty cheery mood today; Uni stuff is back on track and I got a B (2:1) for my exam I did just before the Christmas holidays. So everything's pretty good right now. Don't forget about the giveaway that's still going on, guys, only two more days to enter.
{dress: new look, cardi: primark via ebay 49p, necklace: gift,
jeans: next, boots: doc martens £50, nail polish: asda martian £1}

Daisy Lady

Edd went back home yesterday, which was really sad and I will miss him a whole lot. Fortunately, to boost my spirits my lovely home bestie Sophie should be coming to visit me this week; I'm really looking forward to it, she hasn't visited my Uni before! Aside from a couple things to look forward to (and planning some ideas for valentines) it's an average monday. It's nice to get back into a routine again, it makes me feel a lot more secure. I got this lovely cardi for free because I won it on ebay then the seller messaged me saying there's a little hole and she will refund me but if I still want it she will send it for free. How could I say no?! c: oh, and don't forget to enter my giveaway collab with Raffles Bizarre if you haven't yet.
{dress: topshop £26, cardi: new look via ebay £free, jeans: ???, necklace: primark, nail polish: 17 ruby dazzle}

Vintage Day

So yesterday I went up to Cardiff for some vintage shopping with Edd, Rosie and Rosie's boyfriend. Despite the fact we came back empty-handed I did love looking 'round all the vintage shops, and in particular Jacob's antiques was really good. I don't have a proper outfit post (we left really early and I wasn't in the mood the take a photo!) but Rosie took a picture of me and edd while we were out that shows off what I was wearing pretty well - excuse the heart covering my face but trust me it wasn't a flattering photo of that part of me, haha. It was pretty cold too, hence the arms crossed!
{dress: topshop £10, cardi: h&m, tights: primark £2, belt: topshop 90p,
boots: doc martens £50, bag: new look, necklace: primark}

And here's a bonus 'couple' picture of Edd and I on the train;


Today Edd should be coming down to see me, I'm really excited! Also a little nervous though, he just phoned to say his car won't start but he thinks he knows how to fix it, so we will have to wait and see. I chose to dress girly and cute today to reflect my mood, hehe c: oh, and I'm wearing make-up! Not much, but it's a lot for me! I think I'm wearing my tights backwards too but I like them this way 'round, so I guess next time I could wear them the other way around - pretty versatile, really, two pairs of tights in one ^_^
{dress: new look via ebay 99p, tights: topshop £1, cardi: primark via ebay 99p,
necklace: claires £1, makeup: boots tinted moisturiser and urban decay mascara}

What's In My Bag?

I thought I'd jump on the bandwagon with this post and show you guys what's going on in the dark recesses of my bag. The bag itself changes a lot - this one is quite old and from New Look, but the content is pretty much the same! I know I enjoy being able to have a snoop 'round other people's bag so I hope you enjoy this :3
1. purple filofax | 2. cute birdie accessorize purse/wallet | 3. random nail polish | 4. keys (with rilakkuma keyring)
5. pads case | 6. notebooks (present from edd!) and pens | 7. various medical supplies
8. camera case (normally with camera inside) | 9. phone with sparkly case | 10. comb and tweezers
11. ipod with pink case and stickers | 12. hand sanitiser (v. v. important)

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Giveaway is over, thanks for entering.


Everything feels better and, well, bright today! It's going to be a good day. Here's the reasons why it's going to be a good day; 1. everything is organised and sorted and in it's right place, 2. we are putting down our house deposit today and signing contracts which makes it legally ours, and 3. my hair is awesome! I managed to put purple 'highlights' in the fringe myself, I don't know if you can tell but I am sooo happy with it. Is your day going to be a good day? why? ♥ Ooh, and I have a couple new sponsors this week, be sure to have a look at them. I think for the next week or so I'm full up for sponsors but I'd be more than happy to take advance orders if you were thinking about grabbing a spot ^_^
♥ dress: topshop £10, bralet: topshop £3, jeans: DPs, necklace: topshop £3, cardi: asda ♥

Navy and Stripe

I haven't worn this dress in forever, I'm not sure why. It always looks better with jeans, though. I should wear the blue one in this style soon too. I was thinking about doing special valentines day couple ragdolls for like £4 with lots of lovehearts and cuteness, would anyone be interested? Just let me know! I failed one of my essays yesterday so I'm feeling pretty down about it, but at least I can redo it in February... still feels a bit crappy though. Tonight I'm dying my hair, I'm really excited about it! can you guess what colour? c:
{dress: primark via ebay 99p, cardi: new look, jeans: DPs, bracelet: topshop}

Patterned Pretty

Today my parents are coming to visit and we are going to walk down into the village so I can show them the outside of the house I will be living in next year! It was the first house we looked at but it's just so perfect, It's like two houses in one; two kitchens and lounges, four bedrooms and four bathrooms! We are so, so lucky. Maybe when I finally move in (we can from July 1st but we might be moving in later even though we have to pay rent from then) I'll take some pictures of the interior, but I'd feel a bit odd taking one of the exterior; stalkers and burglars and so on, I hope you understand c:
{dress: asos £8, super skinnies: DPs £15, necklace: topshop £2}

First Impressions

Today myself and my flatmates are going to view a house for next year! We've seen it from the outside and it's lovely; and not only that, it's pink! So exciting, I hope it's as nice on the inside. So I've dressed for a good first impression today as we will be meeting our possibly future landlord to have a look around. It's all so grown up, haha c: Lots of item still available in my blog shop guys, I added quite a few new things yesterday.
{dress: peacocks via ebay 99p, cardi: new look, super skinnies: DPs £15, necklace: topshop £2, boots: doc martens £50}

Lace and Leather

Apologies for the blurriness in these pictures, I don't know what's going on there... I finally got myself the quintessential thin brown waist belt! Real leather, 90p in the Topshop sale oh yes c: This day next week Edd will be down to visit me, I'm super excited! We're going round Cardiff looking at Vintage Fairs and all the places Torchwood/Doctor Who were filmed, like the geeks we are. I can't wait! Oh, and currently there is no buyer of the big sponsor spot on my blog! It's only £11 for a month or £7/fortnight, £4/wk and it's about 2/3 bigger than the little sponsor spots so will be sure to get you at least a bit of lovely attention c: nab it while you can! There's still lots of nice bits and pieces in my blog shop too including some gorgeous dresses that don't fit me quite right (including this), so please go have a look ^_^
{dress: urban outfitters £19, tights: topshop £2, cardi: select £3, bracelet: gift, necklace: gift, belt: topshop 90p}

Open for Business

Blargle Fargle Blog Shop
I set up a blog shop to have a little clear-out of my wardrobe for 2011.
Hop over and see what you think! There's a couple cute things there c:


I love the colour mixture of this dress and cardi; I never thought it would work but together it creates a lovely muted, demure-ish type look. I'm super happy with it! These are a couple of my eBay finds I ordered way before xmas but only got from the post office on campus yesterday! So expect never-before-seen outfits in the next few days, so exciting! Oh, and I got my results back from my Counselling Theory essay yesterday. I got a C8 - a 2:2, and I feel I could've done way better but ah well, the first year doesn't count for all that much so long's you pass it.
{dress: new look via ebay 99p, cardi: primark via ebay 50p,
necklace: primark £2, bracelet: gift, jeans: DPs, pumps: primark £2}


I don't wear this dress very often, it's quite an odd length on me (and most other people, I suppose) but I love the lace bodice and cap sleeves which are great when it's a little too cold for strappy dresses. It's my first proper day back to Uni today, two lectures. Applied Psychology is seriously the dullest subject in the world! Sigh. I decided to (finally) jump on the nude nails trend, only a couple years too late haha thanks to a generous nail polish donation from Rosie.
{dress: g21 asda, necklace: topshop £3 tights: primark, boots: doc martens}


Oops, I forgot to put my necklace and bag on for the full-body photo! I am wearing them though, promise c: It was lovely being back in Weston for the holidays but I missed my little room in Halls a lot! I'm glad to be back, though of course I miss Edd and my family. Tomorrow I have to go get my results for my Counselling Studies assignment, wish me luck! I was slightly worried about this one so fingers crossed. I was working like mad last night getting everyone's ragdoll commissions and blog graphics done but it was lots of fun; I'd forgotten how much I love drawing! I'd be happy to do any more ragdoll drawings (or blog headers, email me about them) if anyone wants them, the prices are in the sidebar ^_^
{dress: new look £20, body: topshop £2, cardi: new look via ebay 99p,
jeans: DPs, bag: new look £2, necklace: claires £1}