Shoe Picnic: Irregular Choice Tea & Cakes Heels

Easter might be over already but it's only 19 days until I'm free of my University shackles for a whole summer, and like any normal 20-year-old my mind turns to cute dresses and tea-party-worthy heels. Okay, maybe not so normal but I'd purposely have tea parties just so I'd have somewhere to wear these shoes to, if I had them! Even the name reflects their ideal use; Irregular Choice Tea & Cake. Too perfect, right? And while their relative plain-ness means they'd go with practically anything, you will be forever aware of the gloriously turquoise interior peeping out around your feet. These cost £85 but are so worth every penny

Review: Marscapony Fairytale Hair Tie

Sometime last week I got an email from Donna of Marscapony asking if I would like a free gift from her; either a hair-tie or a zipper pouch. So naturally I went for the hair-tie, they come in so many darling fabrics! Delivery time was amazing too, she emailed to say my package would go out tuesday and I received it yesterday, along with a super cute matching badge. And of course I stuck it in my hair straight away and took some pictures to show you guys. I found with the wire running through the fabric it was really easy to shape and style and it stays in place very well. Expect to see it in many future outfit posts, it will look great with 50's style outfits ;)

Photo Post: Puxton Park

Today the boyfriend and I took a trip to Puxton Park, a farm and kid's activity centre near where we live. It was the perfect time of year to visit; perfect ice cream weather and lots of super adorable baby animals, I spent half my time 'squee'ing I swear! So, I thought I'd show you guys a couple photos;
brr! this bird was creepy.... and according to it's sign it was 'carrion eating', super creepy!
I'm still a little sad he was all caged up though.
tiny lambs and their surrogate mum! One of them was so tiny he could barely stand, too cute.
this Donkey used to work on the beach in Weston-Super-Mare, but he's retired now.
cute cute cute!! these piglets were just the most adorable things,
they loved being scratched and kept climbing into their food trough.
myself and... a plastic cow. You can thank the BF for this one (and the blurriness!).
I'm not keen on real cows, to be honest, they scare me a little!

Easter Blue

Happy Easter to those of you who celebrate it! Personally I'm atheist but I do love a bit of easter egg. It's another gorgeous day here and I'm sitting with half an easter egg, the sun streaming into my room listening to the Hairspray soundtrack; perfection. I'm still not too sure about this dress; I adore the pattern and style but I have a bit of a thing about halternecks; I can't help thinking that they don't suit me. I'm quite tempted to get it fixed so the straps are just normal over-shoulder ones. What do you think? Also, before you go jumping to conclusions these aren't prescription sunglasses and I'm not wearing contacts; I was just pretty much blind when taking these, which made for some interesting outtakes!
{dress: be beau (matalan) £25, cardi: new look via ebay 99p,
jeans: QS £4, necklace: LLROK, flats: ??, sunglasses: primark £1}

Shades of Cute Sunday: Buttercup Yellows

Yellow is my go-to cheer-me-up colour; I know some people are dead against it and I'm not particularly keen on the neon look but a nice muted yellow can really make your day brighter, and can be a great alternative accent on black as a paler shade but equally as gorgeous with deep brown when more mustard-y for an indie look. Also, I am aware this is a day early but since tomorrow is Easter sticking it up today just seemed more logical c: - Here are my mellow yellow picks;
1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6

Shoe Picnic: Lady Dragon Westwood in Red

I tried something different in terms of illustration this time around, what do you think? I like it! These lovely Lady Dragon Westwood x Melissa shoes are the most heftily-priced heels that will be featured on my blog (I like all my content to be at least slightly attainable to poor students such as myself!) at £136, but are they not the most gorgeous shoes? The perfect combination of jelly-sandals and style not to mention delicious smelling and being able to say to your friends you own your own little piece of Westwood! The heel seems pretty achievable too, so I bet even I could walk in them. Do any of you guys own them? Are they comfy and easy to walk in or otherwise?


Another day, another pattern mix. I don't know what I'd do with myself if my clothes were only one colour and plain! I feel like my outfits express a lot of who I am; a bit eclectic, a bit colourful and a bit girly! Speaking of the fashion side of my blog, the lovely Adele of Whiskey-Rose did an interview with me and it went live today, please be sure to check it out, both she and her blog are lovely. It's another beautiful day today, but anyone who's anyone (in the geek world) will know Portal 2 came out today so the boyfriend and I are holed up in his front room, Xbox 360 controllers in our hands and the curtains shut firmly against sunlight, haha.
dress: new look, cardi: new look via ebay 99p, jeans: QS £4, high-tops: Pastry, necklace: claires

Pink Pastry

It's another beautiful day today! In reality all I'm doing is staying in and attempting to start my Lab Report but the Boyfriend kicked my bum outside to do some outfit photos since he says I'm slacking a little on the blog front, haha. Last night we went up to Bristol to go and see Suckerpunch and it was really, really good; though it didn't make much sense and the script wasn't amazing. It was like watching an obscure anime - it's really pretty looking and slightly philosophical in a bizarre way and by the end you're just wondering what the hell is going on! We also went to harvester for dinner which was lovely, yum. I grabbed these shoes at TK Maxx as a replacement to my pumps which had a big hole in the canvas. I've been wanting Pastry Shoes for ages after spotting them on eBay a while ago, they are too cute! The soles have little ice-creams on.
- dress: river island via ebay £3, leggings: ebay £4, cardi: g21 via ebay 99p, high tops: pastry via tk maxx £19.99 -

Mint Doves and Checkered Dresses

Apparently I've become one of those bloggers- you know, the ones that don't post for days on end and when they do it's always old photos? Haha, not that it's a bad thing but I normally pride myself on sorting everything on the day the photos are taken, otherwise it's not true to life. Not that it always is! If I wrote about every little thing there would be reams of uninteresting text, most of which about me contemplating whether the lighter it gets how likely it is I could I could pass my hair off as that of a My Little Pony (my educated guess is yes). But anyway, I love this dress. I've never gotten anything Tesco brand before and it's a little long and perhaps a bit big on the bust but other than that I like it - it's comfy and really easy to wear.
dress: tesco via ebay £2, jeans: QS £4, pumps: primark 99p, cardi: h&m £14.99, necklace: claires

GIVEAWAY WINNER: Punkscrapper Giveaway

Thanks to everyone who entered my giveaway; I wish you could all have won but unfortunately there can only be one winner and by using an online random number generator and that one person is... Maria of A Handful of Dust! I'll be shooting an email your way very soon, congrats!

DOTW: Topshop Pink Tulip Pattern Fifties Dress

Sorry about the non-illustrated image this week; I ran out of my backlog and since I'm home I don't have access to a graphics tablet, which is a bit of a pain in the bum. I picked this dress in light of the fact the boyfriend and I have slowly been working our way through the first three series' of 'Mad Men' and I am in love with the costuming. This dress reminds me of the lovely Betty Draper.

Tropical Flora

These photos are taken in Edd's lovely back garden, which is such a suntrap in weather like this! There's been a bit of a lack of outfit posts recently but that's because I've either been dressing down; on saturday Edd and I went for a bike ride which was lovely but because I'm not that good on a bike and very wobbly (and may have nearly hit a couple people... ahem) I looked more terrified than photo-ready, haha. I hope all you Uni students out there are having a good easter holiday too, and the weather is as lovely where you are! Today I'm going to see Hairspray live with my sister and mum, exciting! It's one of my favourite musicals, if only for the costumes.
[dress: primark £9, cardi: south via ebay 99p,
tights: sainsburys, flats: blue banana £10, necklace: claires]

Shades of Cute Sunday: Freshmint

Mint is one of my favourite colours; it's so fresh and clean, though admittedly too much of it can look a little clinical. But in the right dosage it can pretty up any outfit and looks great with greys and whites. It's a little whimsical, too;
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Shoe Picnic: Iron Fist All Hope

Welcome to another brand-new (hand drawn) feature on my blog! I simply adore dresses but recently and for the first time my attention has been waning towards cute heels and adorable flats - I've gone from owning half a dozen pairs a couple months ago and my shoe stash has at least doubled! So 3 times a month I'm going to bring you an item of entirely impractical, un-walk-in-able and just beautiful shoes that hopefully you're going to drool over too...
The shoe in question this time around is the gorgeous All Hope by Iron Fist, costing £58 but in my opinion it could be worth that; such pretty images and I'm a sucker for anything tattoo inspired for sure. It's a little bit more girly than the usual IF shoe design of zombies, werewolves and general gore and therefore more easily worn around those more conservative; maybe even to a casual wedding. I could just picture these with a 50's style swing dress and fake fur capelet for a classic look...

One Hit Wonderful

I'm on a bit of a Reel Big Fish kick at the moment, can you tell? Hehe. I don't wear this dress nearly as much as I should, it's truly gorgeous and my only complaint is it being slightly too big on the bust; but other than that it's just perfect in style, print, everything! I only wish the sun had been out today - the one day I'm dressed nice and it disappears. Oh, also I joined this site called 'Groupon' I've noticed other bloggers talking about. You get really good discounts on all sorts of stuff, I don't know why I've never looked before! If you were thinking of signing up please do it through my recommendation as it's exactly the same process but I get a little credit from it too, hehe ;)
{dress: new look, cardi: primark £5, jeans: ??, cat flats: blue banana £10, belt: topshop 90p}