Blogspiration v.3.0

Wow, it's been a while since I've done one of these posts; I've really left it too long in fact. Since the last time I've started to read so many more wonderful blogs with gorgeous, charming ladies running them that I felt it wasn't right to not honour a few of them right here. So here's my current blogspiration;

#1 - Rani of Cupcake Couture always looks so together in whatever she's wearing, not to mention I'm envious of her gorgeous tumble of hair! If only I could commit myself to grow it more than a few inches! Seriously jealous of her recent New York adventures, too.

#2 - Aoife of LipsTitsTeethHips always has the most beautiful nails and make-up, I really enjoy reading her blog and she makes me want to try out the vintage goth-rocker girly look that she's always rocking so wonderfully. Not to mention the red lipstick she suits so well.

#3 - Lilli of Frocks and Frou Frou just has the prettiest wardrobe, and the sweetest smile... I want to own everything she wears! The way she styles her outfits with kitsch accessories is just genius and thanks to her I'm desperate for a pair of sweater clips of my own!

Shades of Cute Sunday: Hot Pink

When I was little I used to hate the colour pink; any shade of it from baby to fuschia. However, more recently I've started to appreciate the colour far more - it might be girly and barbie-ish but it's also super-cute and looks amazing paired with other colours like navy and pale yellow. I'm definitely a pink convert! And if you're like I used to be, maybe these cuties will change your mind;
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Clouded Over

Another miserable day today. Sigh. It would be nice to be able to take photos outdoors more than one day of the week, the house is really too poky and dark to take photos in the normal format (i.e. landscape) and me being a bit on the everything-must-be-in-order side, I hate variances in picture size! Gah. Luckily my trusty little Casio Exilim is capable of taking indoor pictures that don't look like a bunch of dark pixels, otherwise you guys would never get any updates! Oh, and also I was super pleased with all the responses from my last post about sizing problems, glad to know it's not just me with this issue.

dress: new look ♥ cardi: h&m via ebay 99p ♥ leggings: primark £4 ♥ shoes: primark £11 ♥ necklace: primark
nails: elf metal madness, ebay white dotting polish, barry m blueberry ice cream

The Size Issue

Since this blog tends to not involve longer articles and are more along the short-and-sweet-and-pretty-pictures posts. However, I felt I couldn't just write down my thoughts about this with just one short paragraph; so here's my issue of the day - shop sizing. I know lots of other bloggers have written about this topic but I just wanted to get my opinion in there, and where is better then my blog to write about these kind of things?

As you may have seen written in my sidebar, I define myself as a size 16-18. However, within my wardrobe there are clothes in anything from a size 12 to a 18 - and this can just be from one shop! New Look in particular I find has huge troubles with consistency. I have size 18 dresses from there that fit just fine, size 18's that are too big on the bust and too small on the waist, and size 18's that are too big on the waist and small on the bust. My measurements are 36C bust, 34-5" waist, and it doesn't seem to matter what sizes are defined as on a website or in store; according to the ASOS, Monsoon, New Look, Peacocks, Next, River Island and Topshop website size guides there is no way I would fit into their 16 at all but this is patently not true, since I have worn size 14's from all these shops at some point.

Now, it would be easier to excuse this blatant level of inaccuracy in regards to sizing if there was a huge variety in what I wear. However, anyone who reads my blog and sees my outfit posts knows I have a pretty specific method of dressing, and dresses that can be the same style in different patterns fit me entirely differently. Does this irritate anyone else?! I find it pretty ridiculous that I can't go into a shop, pick up the size I know I am and buy that item. I can understand that in that case some people will be unable to agree with me; after all, what if sizing were consistent and therefore those with thinner thighs/larger stomaches/larger or smaller busts within one size were unable to ever purchase something that should fit them? It's a pretty big dilemma to consider, but there could still be a slightly higher level of consistency that doesn't result in me having to take 5 different sizes with me to the changing rooms every time. H&M and Dorothy Perkins tend to be absolutely tiny, and size 18 in New Look is too small in the waist whilst the 'inspire' 18 is like a tent. I have no idea what my true size would be!

One of the types of clothing I have a huge amount of trouble with is anything on the 'alternative' side of fashion, in which sizing generally goes in the XS-XL format. This would not be a problem were an average size set for this size. But an XL in just one brand - for example Criminal Damage or Hell Bunny - could fit a size 12 at full stretch or a size 20. Any rockabilly/alternative brands (read: most things in TK Maxx also) seem to have a huge issue with this and I wonder if it's just something to do with the lack of readily available and low-price choice that leads them to be slack with sizing.

I know this was a pretty big essay of a post to read and I'm really pleased if you got through that whole ream of text without closing your browser! What's your opinion on clothes sizing? Have you had any issues, or are you happy with how is it now?

Shoe Picnic: Melissa Juta Gold Flip Flops

Some very simple summer shoes this time round, with a little bit of a twist; these Melissa Juta sandals in gold are made from plastic, have a gorgeous smell and the cutest little bow to make them a little more girly. These would be perfect for the beach as you could wear them straight out the sea and not worry about them getting ickified (yes, that is a real word. ahem.) by soggy feet and sand; it'll wash straight off! I adore the colour too, and who doesn't want a little bit of sparkle on their feet?

DOTW: 'Miss Behave Vintage' Crochet Dress

I spotted this dress on the peacocks website, and isn't it just the sugary-sweetest? The cap sleeves, oversize buttons and twee shade may make this dress a little too far on the cutesy side for some but I still love it! To ramp up the sweet you could pair it was black mary-jane heels and white tights, or to pare it down black tights and brown brogues. So many tights combos would work with this!

Fizzy Lovehearts

Just a quick post for today, because I've been neglecting the blog recently in terms of outfit posts! Recently everything's just been going wrong though; one of my dogs was ill, then Violet (my laptop) broke and isn't quite fixed yet, so I'm typing this up on my parent's computer. And today I'm making a trip down to Cornwall to see a very ill relative, which is about a 6 hour round trip, though I'm not driving (I can't drive) so it's not as bad as it could have been... but yeah, there's been a lot of things happening so it will be relief when this week is over and I can start anew the next! Keeping in mind the long car journey I'm wearing comfy casual clothes, nothing special, but I thought you guys deserved a little more postage here, especially now I have so many amazing followers!

dress: peacocks ♥ cardi: primark £5 leggings: topshop 90p♥ shoes: ??

Shades of Cute Sunday: Deep Purple

I had a little more inspiration thanks to last week's comments on SOCS, so this week is all rich, deep purple shades; very opulent and dark, it works great for a night out somewhere special (and looks equally good with gold or silver accessories) but just as equally the brighter shades are perfect for a summer's day. Again, a shade I don't wear very often (I think I'm just a brights-and-florals girl at heart) but some of these bits and pieces I'm still finding hard to resist!

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Coral Red

It's a lovely sunny day today, which is a bit of change to the recent miserable weather! The boyf should be home today (fingers crossed) and I'm super excited to see him, too; it should be a good day overall. It's nice to be able to relax and not think about University and stressing for a while, though I do need to sort my Student Finance out soon as they've sent everything out to the wrong address! Nothing unusual there though. It was nice to take photos outside of the house for once, too - it's properly springtime now, lots of greenery and pretty flowers. I'm so excited for this summer!

dress: primark £9 ♥ cardi: new look ♥ HK necklace: claires ♥ tights: primark ♥ shoes: converse

Home: A Mini-Tour

Back when I moved into my University Halls I did a mini-tour of my room. And since I've just finished sorting out my room at home where I will be living for most of the summer (at least), I thought I'd do the same thing again! This room is even more pokey then my halls room was so luckily most of my non-bedroom-essentials (i.e. kitchen and bathroom things) were crammed into the cupboard under the stairs leaving me with plenty of room for clothes, shoes, and... well, that's about it really. Ahem.

DOTW: Hell Bunny Penny Dress

Is the dress not just the epitome of summer dresses? I adore it, everything about it from the adorable gingham pattern, the tiny pockets, the cute frill on the bust... I want it to be in my wardrobe right now! The back is elasticated too, and as I've proven before Hell Bunny can be very generous with their elastication which is how I fit into the blue, spotty sister of this dress, which I do own and is still waiting to make it's blog debut!

A Spontaneous Evening

So tonight I ended up accompanying my dad to his work do. Not as boring as it sounds, he works for Nokia Music so nearly everyone is young and cool-looking and tonight live bands (of which staff are members) were playing. It was pretty good! I apologise for the general shabbiness of these pictures, as mentioned the evening was pretty unplanned so it was a matter of get-dressed-take-fairly-ok-photos-and-go. Also, a rare glimpse of my wearing makeup that isn't just mascara, if you can believe it.

dress: spin doctor ♥ tights: topshop ♥ cardi: new look via ebay ♥ heels: irregular choice

Shoe Picnic: Rocket Dog Caprico

Are these quintessential 'blogger shoes' or what? These Rocket Dog Capricos boast a wedge/heel combo with a wooden sole and a tan t-bar upper with a sweet floral detail that would look adorable with black knee socks or tights (or grey, perhaps?) but just as cute as 70's revival with a floaty dress and feathery accessories. And at a £60 price these are on the cheaper (ish) end of the better-quality scale too, not to mention they come in a delicious red colour too! How would you style these? I'd love to know.

Shades of Cute Sunday: Nearly Nude

I'm running out of colours here, guys! Please suggest some? I would be super grateful. In light of this fact this week's shade is 'nude', not a colour I wear myself, well, ever - but on other people I think it looks nice. And nude accessories always look really lovely with lighter floral prints and whites, as well as with black and darker colours as it's less of a stark contrast than white is.

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Cheap Chic

This outfit was picked in mind of today's winning combination of activities; revision, watching doctor who, packing and a bit more revision. I nabbed this dress when I walked down into the village yesterday to grab my prescription from the doctor's and it made me realise how few clothes I buy in charity shops these days; when I was at school I used to wear almost exclusively charity shop things (in particular a black velvet circle skirt with knee-high doc martens that somehow I got away with!) and it's something I should get back into. I've fallen into relying on eBay for my clothes-based bargains. As for the wedges, these aren't actually something I wore today but I couldn't resist showing them off. They were a result of me managing to lose my receipt within the 24 hours between buying some PJs and returning them so only exchange was available to me. Hence these cuties!

dress: topshop via charity shop £4 ♥ cardi: new look via ebay 99p ♥ leggings: primark £4 ♥ wedges: primark £12

Floral on Floral

This is yesterday's outfit, but what with the whole blogger-fail thing and me having the repost the outfit of the day before I didn't want to clutter up everyone's reader with extra posts. I love this dress, it makes me feel pretty and girly and the 'panels' the the lines separate the flowers into reminds me of an old scarf! I love the fact this dress can be worn three ways; with normal straps, crossed straps and as a halterneck. I've gotten into the habit of pinning my hair back on one side and I quite like how it looks, but it's mostly because my hair is getting pretty long (for me) now, and it's always in the way. I'm dithering between getting it cut up again or leaving it to grow and seeing what I think. I can always cut it off later I suppose.

For the next few days other than my scheduled posts I'm not sure how much I'll be around; on Monday I have an exam in Applied Psychology and then on the Tuesday I'm moving out of my University Halls for ever! All very exciting but a bit scary and emotional too - my first year of University is over, and I'm leaving the place I've been living for a year! I can't wait for next year though, moving into our amazing house and starting my second year. And of course I'm excited for summer, too, because I get to spend a whole 3 months with my boyfriend before we head off to practically opposite ends of the country again. We have lots planned, including bike rides, birthday parties and possibly camping, as well as going to see Jonathan Coulton live! I'll keep you guys posted...

dress: internacionale £17.99 ♥ leggings: primark £4 ♥ cardi: evie via ebay 99p ♥ hairclip: h&m pack of 6 £1.99

Blending in with the Wallpaper

This is a re-post as Blogger apparently decided to have an 'off' day and delete my (and I assume everyone else's) posts within the last day or so. Sigh. I wanted to repost, however, as I do really love this outfit; monochrome, which is a bit on the dull side for me, but I think the excess of pattern really makes up for it, don't you?

dress: primark £9 ♥ leggings: primark £4 ♥ cardi: new look via ebay 99p

Portfolio Update

Just to let you guys know (because the link is hidden in the sidebar a little), I do have a portfolio page and I've just updated it with my newer work - including the above image for Claire of French for Cupcake. As usual I'm nearly always available for commissions and you can email me for rates, I'm always happy to help whether the project is big or small! ♥ ♥ ♥

Also, there's going to be no outfit/personal photo based posts until the middle of next week at the earliest. Unfortunately, being the right idiot I am I accidentally gave my mum a box containing my camera, camera cable and usb for connecting my phone to the computer (which also has a camera), so it'll have to wait. Every time I'm wearing something cute I've taken a picture on my phone but they're a bit rubbishy looking, though I might do an 'outfit recap' post and bung them all in together just so you're not missing out!

DOTW: Dorothy Perkins Navy Spot Crochet Trim Dress

Dorothy Perkins Navy Spot Crochet Trim Dress £25

A more casual dress this week; it would look wonderful with navy or white leggings and flip-flops for a casual summer BBQ and the lightweight cotton combined with the crochet trim makes it nice and breezy for hotter weather. Of course as with most dresses you could dress it up a bit with some cute heels (maybe red for a nautical feel) and black tights, with gold jewellery.

Edwardian Picnic

The title of this post comes from the dress's description on eBay; perfect for an edwardian picnic. After reading that I just had to have it, and I won it for cheap anyway so smiles all around ^_^ These pictures don't really show the full length of it but it comes down to my knee, which would be pretty long on anyone shorter than me! Combined with this cardigan some kind of witchcraft begins working that makes my waist look really tiny compared to how it normally looks, so overall a thumbs up here for today's look ♥

{dress: h&m via ebay 99p, cardi: new look via ebay 99p, necklace: primark, leggings: topshop 90p}