Favourite Thing Thursday: Lush 'Dirty' Solid Perfume

Lush is one of my all-time favourite shops; I love the way you can smell your way there from right down the street! It's just got this distinctive, delicious scent. Saying that, I never, ever buy anything there for myself. It's like some kind of sacred unwritten rule that Lush Stuff must be Given As A Gift, and therefore not purchased for myself. This cute little solid perfume was no exception, as the boyfriend purchased it for me. At £4.50 it's not badly priced and I can imagine it lasting absolutely ages. It has the most wonderful scent with spearmint, thyme and tarragon that makes it both very fresh and a little musky. The sales staff were so great in helping me pick which one to get, too, I would just love to be in that shop all day.

Nyan Cat

Bonus internet points to you if you understand this post title. If you don't, then you really, really should. These shoes are my nyan cat shoes, except not involving rainbows, poptarts and being the wrong colours. So, yeah; just my cat shoes really. But they are super-cute though! Kawaii with a bit of added punky clunkiness. I paired them with a bright dress, rockabilly cardi and basic tights for a look that's a little different but everyday enough to be comfy. I ended up taking the tights off though, what was this sudden heat we have in the UK at the moment. I have a fan at full blast by my head as I'm typing this post up, phew. I'm hoping all this humidity will bring a storm our way, just to break the heat a little.

dress: primark via ebay / cardi: george via ebay / tights: gift / shoes: TUK kitty shoes c/o spartoo

DOTW: Peacocks 'By Design' Tropical Prom Dress

Online, I didn't think this dress was much to look at. However, when I last made a trip up to Bristol I caught sight of this in store and, well, my mind was changed! This dress feels and looks a lot more expensive than it is. The sizing is pretty true as well (yes, I did try it on and it broke my heart that I couldn't afford it!) and I adore the bold 'tiki' print. £35 might seem a lot for Peacocks but it's definitely a head above their usual stuff (even the Pearl Lowe collections) and certainly worth a look at in person. This is definitely an every-summer-evening type dress!

SOCS: Easy, Breezy White

Even though the weather outside seems to have decided summer is now officially over (eek, I feel sorry for all you festival-goers), white can still be a great staple and when the sun does make an appearance it's a great colour to keep you cool. Not to mention it's so neutral you can combine it with literally any colour palette; go citrus sunny with yellows, oranges and whites, or go monochrome with white and black, or even nautical (or patriotic) chic with red, white and blue.

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50s Flowerpot

I forgot how well photos come out when they're taken outside; and unfortunately 'overcast' seems to produce the best results with my camera when flash is used! It even started to drizzle when I was taking these pictures, but I carried on. British perseverance right there, for sure. I picked this cutie frock up in the sales too, and I can't believe how much I am in love with it. Pretty pattern, perfect length, and it fits amazingly well, something I was so surprised about. Dorothy Perkins and I normally don't get along well in terms of sizing, so I was just so delighted when the first thing I grabbed off the rail that I really wanted just fit so great. So happy with this outfit! Eeep.

dress: dorothy perkins / cardi: ebay / cat shoes: draven / umbrella: blue banana

Review: Morrison's 'Chique' Hair Removal Cream

When I first picked up this product, I was a little hesitant; it's so much cheaper than anything else on the market (like veet) at £1.50, and also it says 'normal skin' in big letters across the logo - I've been known to have very sensitive skin (I have eczema and I'm allergic to loads of things too), but I was desperate for something longer-lasting than shaving so I nabbed a couple tubes. It's safe to say I was pleasantly surprised. It didn't even take a whole tube to cover both my legs, the cream didn't sting or itch or bring me out in a rash and if anything my legs feel more moisturised than before! The applicator made it really easy to smear on and overall it took me maybe 15 minutes, no mess involved. I'd definitely recommend this to anyone for sure, and if I did a star-rating system this would get full marks from me.

Advertise With Blargle Fargle

I've just revamped my sponsors page, changing the rates and adding a couple new sizes, so if you were thinking of advertising with me then now would be a great time to start! I'm thinking of offering special deals to the first few who apply too (not including the special deals on the actual page) - so email me and find out... oh, and I'm always available for illustration work too!

Favourite Thing Thursday: Iron Fist 'Set Your Sails' Bag

New feature alert! FTT, which stands for Favourite Thing Thursday. (Hopefully) each Thursday I'm going to feature one of my favourite things (hence the title) in my possession and have a look at it in closer detail than I would normally. My first item is partially courtesy of my wonderful boyfriend, in that he helped pay for it. For months I have been toting around my Blue Banana Unicorn Bag like an increasingly scraggy comfort blanket and it decided in the middle of Bristol it had had enough, and voiced this opinion by entirely disintegrating in the middle of a busy street. Earlier in the day I'd been admiring this (huuuuuge) bag and it seemed fate that we were right near that shop when the bagsplosion occurred. Naturally it came home with me! It's a great size, has a pretty pattern and super solid straps that make it too perfect for me.

Shoe Picnic: Dkode 'Violet' Heels

A couple years ago I wouldn't have been seen dead in heels. However, in recent times that all seems to have changed my collection has shot up from nil to 5 pairs pretty much overnight; and I wouldn't change that for the world! Heels make me feel girly, cute, add something a little extra to an outfit... and these Violet shoes by Dkode are just the perfect mix of cute and casual with a low heel that looks ultra-comfy, too.

Keeping it Simple

Some days even I just want a lovely, simple outfit. Infused with a bit of japanese kawaii and pattern of course, I couldn't imagine myself ever being comfortable with block colour! This dress is one of the successes I picked up in the Dorothy Perkins sale, as is the cardigan (which has the most darling little buttons, no??). I can never resist putting something on as soon as I've bought it; no self control here whatsoever. I'm the same with nail polish too, ASDA are doing another £1-a-bottle deal so obviously I grabbed, ahem, a couple. So my nails will probably be a different colour every day for the next week!

dress: dorothy perkins / cardi: dorothy perkins / necklace: primark / nails: blue lagoon, asda / cat flats: draven

DOTW: River Island Yellow Bandeau Dress

River Island, £29.99
I don't know if it's something about the looks on the high street at the moment, but my usual dress-love and fashion sense has fallen completely flat. I only sort of love this dress, it's something I'd definitely nab if it were in the sales but I would pass it up otherwise. Though, saying that; if I had more money it would be different story! The back has quite tight shirring which means it would stay up all day, the skirt is plenty long enough to wear without leggings/jeans, and it has the cutest beading as well as such a cheerful colour. Oops, I think I'm changing my mind! Want alert. Unfortunately my purse has more moths than actual money....

We could be Sleeping in the Flowers

What can I say, I was in a floral mood! The DMs add a little bit of edge to the outfit but this is about as girly as it gets (well, until I can afford lolita anyway..) and I love it. Today I'm off up to ASDA with my mum for a major food shop (for her, not me) - a two-trolley job methinks. My little fashion secret today is the super sweet cupcake socks I'm wearing under my docs, shhh~ ^_^

dress: primark / leggings: primark / docs: treds / cardi: new look (ebay) / necklace: ?

Mustard, Floral, Stripe

Hello lovely followers! First off, I want to say how great the blogger meet-up was the other day; I had such a fun time, lunch in F&Bs was super yummy and even though I had to leave early I had a smile on my face the rest of the day. Other than that I've not really had an occasion to dress up, hence lack of outfits. To be honest today wasn't really a dress-up day either (though we did make a trip into Bristol) but I guess I just felt like it! I haven't worn this cardi in a while and it seriously used to be a wardrobe staple, but it seems to have fallen out of favour lately. Not entirely sure why.

dress: primark / cardi: h&m / jeans: ? / necklace: lady luck rules ok / cat shoes (not seen): draven

REVIEW: Lovely Jubbly Bird Cage Necklace

Recently I was asked by the amazing Jess of Lovely Jubbly if I wanted to review one item from her brand-new jewellery line; and of course I jumped at the chance! Everything in her first collection is cute, cute, cute with a capital 'C'. I had a hard time choosing but in the end I plumped to the 'Bird Cage' necklace, and I'm so pleased with my choice, it could not be more perfect! And the first thing I want to say about this necklace is I received it so, so quickly; literally within a couple days of deciding which I'd like. Apart from that, the necklace itself is just great - the chain is a great length and a nice colour (and doesn't cause any issue even with my sensitive skin) and the little birdcage itself is just darling. I'd recommend Lovely Jubbly Jewellery to anyone, for sure

Shoe Picnic: Dr Martens 'PAGE' Boots

It's a well known fact I'm a huge DMs fan; always have, since a young age and I used to stomp about in flowery docs and up until today, when my very worn in red docs are a necessity in any cold, wet weather and a wardrobe staple to boot. To me they are just the most perfect shoes, and these Page Blue Doc Martens add that little extra touch a girliness to make them too perfect for girly-grunge and festival chic. £100-odd might seem pretty steep but trust me, these last and last and are sooo comfy once worn in.

Summer on the Beach

Ok, this post title isn't strictly true; the beach is the last place I'd spend my summer! Living in a 'tourist town' means there's barely space to move on the beach and it's not that nice a beach anyway - the water is always brown! Not even to mention I practically set on fire every time I expose any of my pasty white flesh to the sun's evil rays. But I do love the beach print on this dress, which I nabbed on eBay for a less then large amount when I couldn't find my size in-store.

dress: primark via ebay £2 | cardi: new look | belt: from another dress | necklace: topshop £1