He Punched the Highlights out of Her Hair

Today my mum came to visit me at my house, and brought with her the boots I've been waiting to come in the post. I swear, it was love at first sight! Even though it's not exactly the right weather I've already been wearing these non-stop, though at least I have the excuse that I'm wearing them in I suppose. I don't think this would be a normal outfit I'd wear the boots with but I was already wearing them for lounging about the house and I just had to take photos right away, because they are just prettiest thing I've ever owned, I think. I feel like a cross between a Final Fantasy character and Ramona Flowers ♥

floral dress: dorothy perkins / floral shorts: new look /
nail polish: barry m, mint / boots of awesome: dr martens c/o spartoo

DOTW: River Island Turquoise Bow Prom Dress

I haven't been doing as much window shopping as I normally do; I'm currently residing in skintsville and it doesn't seem likely I'll be leaving soon so seeing all these beautiful A/W collections popping up make me a little sad. This dress was too pretty to pass up featuring though; admittedly it's a remake of this dress featured previously but the block colour change-up makes my heart flutter and that big turquoise bow... so much want!

My Leopard Print Heart

Back in the day I used to be stoically against several fashion faux pas; leggings, trainers with dresses and leopard print. Safe to say I've changed my spots, ahem. Today's outfit is pure comfort, with a little cosy thrown in by my thermal ski leggings from topshop, which I've had for ages but since I don't ski or anything of the sort seemed a pretty stupid buy despite how bargainous they were at the time (£3 I think), but while unpacking my room I dug them out and discovered they actually looked quite cute not hidden under other clothes. They have a sweet little snowflake pattern my camera couldn't really pick up, too.

dress: peacocks / leggings: topshop / cardigan: h&m /
shoes: pastry via tk maxx / necklace: claires / socks: peacocks

Hawaiian Rollercoaster Ride

Only a quick post, today. I just realised I never showed you guys my onesie from the PJ party I went to the other day! though the one I'm wearing is actually called a Kigurumi, it's like a japanese onesie without the feet and it's so, so cosy! Right now I'm meant to be at our normal Tuesday RPG sesh, but thanks to a big lorry setting on fire and then exploding in Newport, the M4 is closed which means we can't get back to play in time :c

Isca Augusta

The title of this post is the roman name for the village my lovely Uni house is in, Caerleon. Awesome right? I'm really enjoying being back in my cute little room (with all it's pink accessories!) and it's nice to have some time with the boyfriend too as he's now (finally!) finished work. Of course, it helps he's just bought himself a Nintendo Wii so we're plenty entertained, between that and the Mad Men box set. And one of the best things about my room is the huuuge blank wall, perfect for indoor outfit shoots! I'm planning to do a couple lifestyle type posts about what there is to do here, like the roman amphitheater and the museum, and a few other things perhaps. What do you guys think to that?

dress: river island (ebay) / leggings: topshop / cardi: h&m / necklace: topshop

of Piers and PJs (and Bouncy Castles)

The party I went to was a lot of fun! First of all we went to the Pier and went on all the arcade-y things (but didn't win anything of course :c) I took a load of pictures of us out in town out and about, (and the birthday girl looks beautiful in her Hell Bunny dress, so jelly) but literally as soon as we headed back to the house the heavens opened. It didn't stop up though, there was lots of slipping about and a little bouncing on the bouncy castle in the sopping wet - but because of the rain there aren't any photos unfortunately. Yes, we did all get soaked but afterwards we warmed up in our onesies and ordered in Dominoes so all was good.

Tell 'em the story, Rain Drop.

Today's blog title is from the lyrics of a They Might Be Giants song, my favourite on their new album in fact. It's called Cloisonné and I swear I've just been listening to it on repeat for the past few days! Rekindled my love for TMBG for sure. Today is one of my oldest friends' birthdays (well, yesterday was,) and we're celebrating by first of all going to the arcades and on the pier in town then back to her house for a PJ party and bouncy castle! We're such mature 20-somethings, aren't we? Hehe.

dress: spin doctor / jeans: DP / cardi: DP /shoes: draven
foundation: collection 2000 perfect finish / concealer: benefit / mascara: collection 2000 collagen curl / eyeshadow: 17 vintage love palette / blush: 17 blush and glow

Shoe Picnic: DC Manteca 2 Mid Skater Shoes

As much of a fan as I am of heels and 'pretty' shoes, practical does come into my shoewear collection somewhat. Not that this means I completely ignore the pretty options, though! These DC Manteca Mid Skaters are just as cute as they are comfy for walking. They remind me of when I first started going out with the boyf and would steal his old, battered DC's (two sizes too big) to walk home in as they were sooo comfy!

Wishlist: Comics and other Geekery

Sometimes I realise, with a blog that's primarily fashion-based, I tend to only show oine part of my personality. The part that likes girly things, cutesy clothes and bold patterns. Not to mention dresses, dresses, dresses! So I thought maybe it's time to integrate a little more of the geeky girl side of me into the blog. Instead of a compilation of cute outfits, these are the comics, games, figures and other geekery I'm currently lusting after;

one. Minecraft merch, of any form, but these magnets are particularly cute.
two. Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines is a game I've been wanting for a while.
three. Final Fantasy plushes. This Cactuar soft toys is on my want list!
four. Pink Sparkly Dice! okay, so a bit of girliness seeping through there, ahem.
five. The Wet Moon comic series is one I've been meaning to get into for a time.
six. The Ame-Comi figures series. In particular Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy.
seven. Ramona's Bag from Scott Pilgrim. I plan to dress as her for Halloween.

Daisies on Daisies on Daisies

My hair is now at that awkward length where it's too long to settle into a side-fringe and too short to be properly swept to the side so it's turned into a bit of a shaggy, lopsided full fringe. Eek. So until I can get myself to the hairdressers I'll have to make do with strategically placed hairclips (Hello Kitty ones, of course). I felt like dressing flowery and girly today - spending the weekend at the boyf's always leads me to dress slobbish-ly, bad habit right there. It's nice and sunny today but still cool enough that I'm not baking in my cardi and jeans as I've slightly idiotically packed most of my clothes - including tights and leggings - up for heading back to my house this weekend for a few weeks.

Today is Tuesday, which means D&D night though currently we're playing an 'Atlantis' game played on a fudge dice (which are like 6-sided dice with + and - and blanks instead of numbers) and fate system rather than the typical D&D setup. It's pretty fun, though it's weird using a completely different set of dice and rules! I'm missing using my pretty gem-coloured D20s and D8s a little, haha. And speaking of gaming, I've been playing Minecraft again; and I'm really into it right now. I'm loving mining and building my own little islands and houses but I'm not loving the creepers and skeletons so much.

dress: primark / jeans: dorothy perkins / cardi: dorothy perkins / flats: draven / necklace: ?

Shoe Picnic: Iron Fist 'Twinkle Toes' Heels

'Pretty' is the first word I'd use to describe these shoes, which isn't often used in conjunction to anything by Iron Fist, but these really really are! Sparkly and girly and just too cute. Very high, though, I reckon these Twinkle Toes heels could only be worn out when you have a partner/good friend to lean on; I know that would be the case for me anyway! I think I'd wear these cuties with a sweet lolita-style dress (in purple or black) or maybe a cute 50s glam frock.

New Home Smell

Well that's it, I'm all moved in! My room is even lovelier than I remember; I guess that's seeing without it being full of everyone else's bits and pieces. It really feels like home now, I'll be sad to leave it monday but will be coming back soon for sure. My favourite purchase for the house was my *bargain* desk from IKEA, only £35 because the top half was £3 in the sale! Good, no? Here's some photos for you guys, 'cos I don't know about you but I love having a bit of a snoop, hehe c:

DOTW: Topshop Peach Floral Midi Dress

This dress reminds me of the 50's in the most easy, breezy fashion. I do adore the structured fifties style frocks but this looks so much more comfy for a summer's day, and for some reason (especially with repro type shops) a lot of kitsch-retro dresses are halterneck; A style I really don't get along well with. Plus, this is long enough that no leggings are required, always a plus for me! I'd wear this cutie with white and pink accessories and maybe tan wedge shoes.

Kawaii Desu

Hello lovely readers! Things have been pretty hectic for me recently, I'm so super sorry for the smaller-than-usual amount of updates. To make up for it, here's me dolled up to look like some kind of anime character. Well, that was coincidental but I do look a bit cartoon-ish, right? As for the things I've been busy with, to start with I spent the weekend away with the Boyf and his lovely family, camping and canoeing. I've never set foot in a canoe in my whole life but it was pretty fun, actually; I was really surprised. I even did a little paddling as well. No photos were taken as boats that are pretty good at turning themselves over unexpectedly and cameras do not mix, unfortunately. Other than that, yesterday we grabbed a couple games after trading a few in at Gamestation, one of which was Batman: Arkham Asylum. It's seriously so much fun to play or watch (though seriously unimpressed with Harley's costume, what the actual eff..?) and then today was an epic IKEA trip to prepare for my moving into my new student house this coming friday.. eek! Told you it was a long list. Expect more frequent posting in forthcoming weeks.

dress: dorothy perkins / necklace: primark / shorts: new look / shoes: peacocks