Friday Sunny Friday

What's going on with this British weather, guys? The leaves are falling from the trees at the same time as all the flowers start to bloom again and the heat is indian-summer tropical! Not to say I'm not enjoying it, buy could the nice weather maybe have started the week before I started lectures? And if I'm honest, my lectures have been seriously kicking my bum, the difficulty level has definitely gone up several notches; I will be spending my weekend trying to revise neuroanotomy and preparing a presentation on the regulations of counselling. Well, luckily today I don't have lectures and I've given myself the day off so it's off into town with Rosie for some birthday-present-hunting and window shopping :D

dress: internacionale / cardi: new look / necklace: llrok / shoes: ?

The Autumn Wardrobe Dilemma

After Spring, Autumn is my favourite season. I have a thing for those in-between months when it isn't too hot or isn't too cold (though we're due snow in October this year! eek!) and there's all those pretty falling leaves and it's back-to-school time all over again. However, my one big problem with Autumn is I just don't know what to wear. I'm not a fan of sweater dresses or jumpers and I find the A/W clothing palettes quite dull if I'm honest. Dark and dreary. So far I've just been swapping out my tights for jeans and my shoes for boots, along with a a warmer cardi and, as it gets colder, my now yonks-old Hell Bunny bear-ear coat. However, a couple little pieces from New Look caught my eye and I'm just wondering if they could slot into my style and be wearable to me. What do you guys think, how would I incorporate these bits and bobs?

Tea Party Chic

... or, 'what I wish I was wearing today'. This may not have been an actual outfit but I had to stick this dress on just to show you guys, before changing back into 'everyday' clothes to wander up to Uni for my enrolment. I assumed this dress was going to be what I call an 'casualty of eBay' as along with another dress from the same seller it didn't show up for ages, the seller was busy, on holiday, yada yada yada. I'd given up hope (and practically had my mouse hovering over the 'dispute' button when it arrived at the door along with a lovely bodyline(!) dress that will be shown at a later date. Isn't it just Cupcake Perfection?

dress: collectif via ebay / leggings: topshop / heels: irregular choice / necklace: gift

More Like Me

These photos were taken on the Tuesday, but I'm trying to keep an every-other-day posting schedule going for the moment so here we are two days into the future! I wore this outfit to meet up with some lovely girls on my course; Jess you may know as she runs the cutest little crafty and makeup-based blog and also sells jewellery. It's nice to see Uni friends again; I adore my housemates but it's great having people to moan about my course with, as everyone else in my house is doing arts courses! I'm feeling better now too, a day in bed and copious amounts of peanut butter on toast works wonders. Right now I am getting really fed up of my hair though, I just don't know what to do with it; it's a fluffy, random-lengthed too-long mess, I really need to do something with it before I just tear it all out!

Product Feature: La Riche 'Tatt Splatt'

Last time I got a tattoo, I used this 'hemp' type tattoo balm, and though it went on well I found it just too strong-smelling and not moisturising for my tastes, so when my tattooist recommended la riche's 'tatt splatt' I bought it right away, especially since I've been a fan of their hair products for years too.

The first thing that struck me was the colour; you can't really go wrong with a nice, bright lilac -y purple though admittedly it isn't the most clinical looking shade. It smells gorgeous too. I've also tried using it as a lip balm and it works pretty well as that also (and gives it extra use as I can guarantee there will be lots left even after your tats are healed), as the main ingredients are beeswax and shea butter. The first problem comes when you attempt to apply the cream. If you're caught out longer than you wanted and you need to moisturise your tats, sanitation can be an issue. The only way to apply if using your fingers and unlike something that comes from a tube you can risk contaminating the whole pot with dirty fingers.

Another issue is the consistency; it's pretty hard, which makes it very difficult to rub onto a scabbed tattoo without causing damage unless rubbed between your fingers for ages to warm it properly (which you are not told to do in the instructions.) however, once you've got it on it lasts ages and you probably will only need to touch it up occasionally. I've also found it works really well to brighten up older tattoos as well. Overall I'd give it a 4/5.

Beaches of Gold Glitter

I'm back! Though to be honest I'm not feeling my best; yesterday was meant to be spent planning and writing posts to schedule but in the end I spent the day in bed with a box of tissues due to the horrid cold my boyfriend gave me. Tut. I've also been figuring out the dynamics of taking photos in my room; with my usual landscape format I just can't fit enough of my outfit in so it looks like I'm going portrait-style from now on. Despite still feeling full of cold, I had to stick to my guns and post something, so inspired by the lovely Lauren of Pocket Rocket Fashion here's me all dressed up but not even leaving my bedroom (yes, wearing heels is 'dressing up' to me). I'm going to make myself go back to posting consistently even if it kills me, despite the appalling internet here in the house. Expect a lot more from me over the next few weeks ladies ;D

A Brief Hiatus

Sorry guys, I'm in Stoke with my boyfriend (and without my camera) until the 14th and then I'm moving back into my Uni house the 17th, so I should be back around the 18th. I promise I'll make up for the missed half-a-month for sure with lots of features and outfit posts, so please stay awesome and keep an eye out all of you lovely followers ♥